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    Sorry Hobbit, I'm not sold (but, I will admit that I have never been a fan of pda's in the first place). I still think that logistically, it wouldn't suit me... but hey, I'm just one person, the rest of the board may love it.

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    hobbithobbit Posts: 532member
    Les, no harm done!

    Not everyone likes an iPod either, nor a Mac for that matter.

    It's generally good that people have different tastes.
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    jaredjared Posts: 639member

    Originally posted by TWinbrook46636

    Congratulations on not having to get him drunk first!

    Am I the only one?
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    you know guys, all these threads about the next device from Apple (and come one, the company that gave birth to the Digital Hub concept, can't stop after an mp3 player, ESPECIALLY when it's so successfull !) ...only goes to show one thing, the thinking up the product is everything.

    A lot of different people here on this forums can see many differet devices doing many different things, but which ones would be successfull? Apple greatest talet is what their old slogan said: "Think Different" !

    Since Steven P. Jobs came back to Apple, there has been a renewed focus, a clear vision of the future. Often we all sit back and wonder about why they are not doing this or that, and then they'll release something and we all forget our old ideas, because now we too see the light

    All this talk about the next device goes to show how much we are all anticipating the next thing, one thing we all know: it will be simple and brilliant

    Here's one for the crazy ones, the misfits....the Mac users and their "creators"


    Brian Zebeaune
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    aries 1baries 1b Posts: 1,009member
    The 20th century will not be over and done for me until computers (good computers, not Windows Contraptions) lose their keyboards.

    Aries 1B
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    geekmeetgeekmeet Posts: 107member
    unless this "PDA" has a phone built in then forget it.

    phones are THE mobile device that we all need and want and ANY pda must have a phone built in.......PERIOD.


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    PDAs are a dying breed.
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    Originally posted by Aries 1B

    The 20th century will not be over and done for me until computers (good computers, not Windows Contraptions) lose their keyboards.

    Aries 1B

    The world will change when they get real voice input that works without training-for anyone. Then you can say "hey, iPod call Aries 1B." I wonder how long and then what kind of processing power it requires.
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    Oh stop it!!! There is no Apple PDA. There isn't going to be an Apple PDA. And why in the name of Franz Ferdinand should Apple even WANT in this market. The PDA market is dead, people don't want them (except for geeks).
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    just remember how totaly unexpected the ipod was. many people thought it was the dumbest thing that Apple could have done. In my opinon the ipod is almost as important as the imac was to Apple. Up until the ipod, not many people could carry their entire musical library with them where ever they went. Basicaly, Apple is just a bunch of really smart people thinking up ways to do something so smart that most people think its stupid but then over time they realise just how implausibly clever it was. If Apple really does release something totally new, I doubt it will be a pda because that just doesn't seem clever enough for them, too expected. They could release something like a pda, and maybe they have been purposely holding off until all of the other major competitors pull out, and then will capture the pda market as well they did the music player market with the ipod. And then we would all think it was pretty dumb to release something new into a dying market, but over time, we would see it slowly start to appear everywhere and become something cool. Everything Apple makes has the "cool factor", its just something inexplicable about certain products, they either have or they don't. Price, speed, and practicality don't factor in the cool factor, and the cool factor just makes you want it. Just look at all of apples products and then at all of their competitors products and its pretty obvious which has the cool factor.

    Edit - Before Apple came out with the ipod, did you really want an mp3 player with enough room for you entire music library?
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    Originally posted by Jared

    Am I the only one?

    You see? You see what you did? It's too close to WWDC to be messin' with people here.
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    i have one thing to say, regarding "no keyboards"

    i *know* i'm not the only one who feels stupid talking to the air when i'm by myself, let alone in an office full of people.

    keyboards as our main input device are here to stay until we can hook the things right up to our melons.
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    shetlineshetline Posts: 4,695member

    Originally posted by Aries 1B

    The 20th century will not be over and done for me until computers (good computers, not Windows Contraptions) lose their keyboards.

    I doubt that even excellent voice recognition technology will replace the keyboard. Reduce the importance of the keyboard, yes, but not replace it.

    Written and spoken language are different things, with different applications. There are things that are much easier to do with a keyboard and mouse (or other pointing device) than through spoken word.

    I doubt we'd ever replace all written documents with audio recordings, for example. Can you imagine having to listen to every legal document, audio scan back and forth through it to check fine points (would the "fine print" be whispered?), and then have to sign it by voice?

    If a document is meant to be consumed via reading rather than listening, doesn't it follow that it might often be easier to create that document via typing rather than dictation? Can you imagine have to talk your computer through moving words, sentences, and paragraphs around, rather than just clicking, dragging, and typing as needed?

    Think of how noisy and distracting many offices would be with everyone talking to their computers all of the time rather than quietly typing away.

    There are certainly some computer-as-household-appliance applications that good voice recognition will be useful for. I think that all but the most casual users, however, will still want to have keyboards for many of the things they'll want to do.
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    Actually I have been far more productive inthe past with a program called dragon dictate. Yes it had problems but it allowed me to input almost twice as fast as i can type and with far ferwer typos, spelling errors and the like.

    A keyboard is useful but for many of us and for those who cant' type or the elderly voice input may be the way to go.

    yes the pda is dead but the telecom industry is exploding. Apple can do something that does the pda thing without being a pda. Almost like an afterthought not its primary function.
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    vr6vr6 Posts: 77member

    Originally posted by Arty50

    I wonder why Palm announced that future versions of Palm Desktop would not support Mac OS X...

    Because iSync/iCal/Address Book already do everything Palm Desktop did and they are built into OS X.
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member

    Originally posted by hobBIT

    Maybe it's not really a 'PDA' but more like a sub-notebook with pen input. Tying into those 'Apple tablet' and 'Apple gadget for around $650' rumors.

    Perhaps something running OS X on a battery friendly embedded G3 variant.

    iWalk anyone?

    That device has been in the rumor pipeline for a while.
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    The mention of a touchscreen/stylus as well as wi-fi in an iPod or Apple variant made me think of the Nintendo DS handheld system that debuted at E3. It appears it's possible to throw in these features in a form factor that's thinner than an ipod and still maintain a decent battery life. The color screens on this thing aren't that shabby either. So, there's an example of this kind of tech at work. I'm just wondering if it'll mate up in a system like an iPod which uses most of it's battery life on a hard drive.
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    arty50arty50 Posts: 201member

    Originally posted by vr6

    Because iSync/iCal/Address Book already do everything Palm Desktop did and they are built into OS X.

    True. But you can't install software on your Palm without PD, unless I'm missing something here.
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