Samsung 193P

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I was wondering if folks here could help me out.

I was hoping the new 20 inch ACD would be more affordable.

I guess I'm out of luck.

I'm looking at the Samsung 193P.

Looks good.

Does anyone have this?

Would you recommend it?

If not what would your recommendation be?

I do some graphic design.

I have a G4 Quicksilver 867


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    Don't get the 193P! Although it's a good monitor, they say it's mac compaptible it really isn't. You will notice the 193P barely has any buttons, that's because controlling the monitor is done through software. And guess what? The software is not available on the mac, just windows. You can't even control the brightness.

    hope this helps, scott.
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    websterwebster Posts: 2member
    Thanks Scott.

    On a different forum there's a person that swears by the Samsung 193P.

    I'm getting conflicting advice.

    Anybody agree or disagree with Scott?

    Are there better 19in LCD's around the $750 mark?

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