Powerbook Heat Extreme

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This has been a new feature on my powerbook recently. I had it for about 9 months and the heat becomes extremely unbearable on the left palm and the right palm and the bottome that I can feel my joints hurting on my hands. This problem has recently cropped up and wondering if anyone has similar issues. I think it maybe a video card issue because the text on Safari becomes messed up looking like there are lines running through it sometimes. Maybe I should return it before my year warranty is up? Any suggestions?


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    altivec_2.0altivec_2.0 Posts: 995member
    I'l have it checked out by an Apple Tech, wouldn't hurt if it's still under warranty.
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    concordconcord Posts: 312member
    Definitely have it checked out - excessive heat is bad. If your power supply goes it could be dangerous too.

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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,535member
    1) Go to the utilities folder in the applications folder and launch Activity Monitor. It may be that one of your programs is running the CPU full speed all the time. This will definitely make the computer run hot. Safari does this on certain web pages. Some programs launch faceless applications that will suck up all the CPU time.

    2) Go to the Energy Saver control panel. Check that it is not set to highest performance. Running at highest performance also tends to make the machine run hot. This is probably not your issue but it is worth checking.

    3) If the above two issues don't pan out then you probably are experiencing a hardware problem. I will add that a properly working machine should be able to run properly even with the machine running flat out. The fan should come on to cool down the machine.

    It is possible that a heat sink came loose causing problems somewhere. I would definitely call Applecare and discuss this with them.
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    My new powerbook is pretty warm on the left palm area as well. Not dangerously hot to my skin, but not what I would like since this latest batch of powerbooks is presumably cooler-running. Others experiencing the same issue?
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