Desktop Pictures not sticking

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I've had this problem for a long time- on my work computer, the desktop picture settings do not stick across logins or reboots. The desktop pic defaults to the blue swoosh no matter what I do.

I've deleted:

Desktop Pictures.dpImageCache


And rebooted with no sucess. Permissions are repaired, drive structures are intact, and I'm running 10.3.4.

Any ideas?


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    Kind of a standard, but have you tried zapping the PRAM? Something that worked well for an issue I was having was using Cocktail and cleaning out the caches. My problem was a sluggish Finder, but perhaps that will help you, too.
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    Still haven't figured this one out. They won't stick across reboots.
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    rara Posts: 623member
    If you move the file to a different location after you've selected it for the desktop background, then when you logout/restart it'll revert back to the blue aqua.
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    dfbillsdfbills Posts: 3member
    This folder never moves-
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