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I'm new to these forums and have a question about non mounting disks. THe machine is a brand new dual 2 G5 and more often than not, disks won't mount on the desktop or show themselves in the finder. This goes for disk images from .dmg files, optical disks, and external firewire and usb drives (even and ipod). the strange part is this, the disks can be read from and written to as they appear in Disk Utility, Toast, DVD Player, or anything else than uses them. When I click on the volume's path in Disk Utility, a new finder window comes up and lets me access everything on the disk, but the disk's icons is dim, just like a hidden file or folder.

To try and repair this, i reformatted the machine with 10.3.4 as soon as i got it, then tried repairing the disk and its permissions through disk utility, tried diskwarrior, techtool pro 4, norton utilities 8.0.2, reset the cpu, reset the pram, and theres not much left to do. somone suggested that i call apple and get another optical drive, but if this happens with more than just optical media, could it be something else? suggestions anyone?


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    Something that fixed a strange issue for me was to run Cocktail and clear all of the caches. I also ran all of the cron jobs since my computer is rarely awake at the time they are set to run. You've covered all of the things I would have suggested. Perhaps there is a corrupted preference file, but I don't know which one deals with mounted volumes.
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    thanks, ill give Cocktail a try

    edit: thats a pretty handy tool. but it didn't solve the mounting issue. any other suggestions?
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    Originally posted by littleghost

    thanks, ill give Cocktail a try

    edit: thats a pretty handy tool. but it didn't solve the mounting issue. any other suggestions?

    I'm not sure what the problem could be, have you tried reformating your drives by any chance? OS X has played a coupled of tricks on me, but most of them where solved once I got rid of my faulty OEM drive. Your system is actually mounting the drives but it sounds like it just doesn't show them on the desktop.

    Give this a try:

    once on the desktop, bring up the finders preferences, in the general tab, make sure the checkbox for Showing the Hard Disks on the desktop is checked. Same goes for CD'd and the iPod.

    if they don't show up in the finder's sidebar you should check if the checkbox for the hard drives is set in the sidebars preferences (same place as the above only in a diferent tab)

    Hope that helps
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    thanks, but that was the first thing i did before i reformatted the boot drive (which still didn't work)
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    Discussed on macfixit


    Mac OS X 10.3.4: Disk mounting issue

    Recently a number of users have begun noting an issue where Mac OS X 10.3.4 does not properly mount some disk images, as well as physical media including CDs, FireWire drives, network volumes, and other devices.

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    i knew i wasn't crazy. i have that exact video card. is this something apple will fix with the next update or am i going to have to ret a replacement card?
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