No Drive on a I-Mac

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I just installed a 40GB drive on my 333 I mac and when i try to install OSX or OS9 it wont see the drive. I can here it spinning.


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    1. Check your drive cables: one might not be seated correctly. The drive might be getting power but not be fully connected.

    2. To install OS X or OS 9, your iMac drive must be partitioned so that the first partition is no larger than 8 GB. The OS must be installed in this first partition and will not work if the partition is greater than 8 GB or if the drive is not partitioned. Info on why, and how to partition your drive, can be found here

    3. If you haven't run OS 9 or OS X on this Mac before, you need to upgrade your firmware. Apple has info about how to do this here.
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    When you start up from the CD, one of the menus at the top gives you the ability to run "Disk Utility" (or something similiar).

    You need to select that, then format the drive (with an 8GB partition in front, if necessary)... then you have to RE-START the computer (from the CD, again). And it should be able to install the OS just fine.

    I recently upgraded my iMac 266 to an 80 gig drive, and my iBookSE to a 40 gig. Both went smoothly once i figured out that bit about formatting the drive and restarting.
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