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Anyone know what happens and how you are notified if you buy a track on the 100,000 or if you buy the 100,000,000 iTune. I was wondering if anyone here has won one and if so how they were contacted.



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    pesipesi Posts: 424member
    according to the rules, winners are notified by e-mail sometime within three days. i'm not sure if this is three days from each win, or from the end of the contest.
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    mellomello Posts: 555member
    I read that you can enter without actually buying a track. I don't have OSX

    though (my work computer has 9.2, my home computer has 8.6. It's a 7100/66

    that I upgraded to 250mhz.) Are there any other ways to enter? (Postcard,

    email, etc.)
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    yeah, the way you enter without purchasing anything is to use the "tell a friend" in iTMS. Where you choose a song, click the "tell a friend" button and then email it to [email protected] which registers your name with apple. I tried this a few times, but the chances are so slim of winning anyways. And besides, I already have an iPod and am ready to get a new one in a month or two (knock on wood). good luck though!
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