Why does my finder use up all the CPU?

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I have the new 1.5ghz 15"inch Powerbook, and i dont' know why my finder will get into a mode where it uses up the CPU. here is a picture of the activity monitor. And no i wasn't doing anything with the finder or moving files.

just idle


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,549member
    I don't know of anything that can cause this. There are a few simple ways to fix it.

    1. Relaunch the Finder. In the dock, hold down the Option key and click and hold on the Finder icon. After a few seconds a small menu will pop up with an option to relaunch the finder.

    2. If this doesn't fix it then restart the computer.

    3. If that doesn't fix it then in the Utilities Folder open Disk Utility and repair permissions then relaunch the finder.

    4. If that doesn't fix it then reinstall Mac OS X.

    If that doesn't fix it there may be a hardware problem. Call AppleCare.
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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member
    This happens to me as well: TiBook/400. In my case, I think it has something to do with the Finder and Safari, but I can't exactly pinpoint the cause.

    As per Nuetrino23, I relaunch or quit the Finder.
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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    hey i'm a new mac person... how do you relaunch finder?
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    Sometimes all you have to do is right click on the Finder icon in the dock, and contextual menu will show, with Relaunch Finder as a clickable option. Many don't have a 2 button mouse, instead control click the Finder and do the same. If the Relaunch Finder option is not there. simply go to the Apple menu (upper left hand corner of screen) and go to Force Quit, click on Finder, and press the button that says Relaunch. Tada your done!
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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    thanks! yea i still use my microsoft intelliexplorer mouse.. cuz i cant' do with out scrolling ^.^ and of course right clicking.. but lovin' my mac.. and each day i use it.. i love it more and more and see why mac does things a certain way.
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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member

    Originally posted by xav3x

    hey i'm a new mac person... how do you relaunch finder?

    You can also select the Finder in Activity Monitor and Quit Process. To relaunch, just click its dock icon.
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    One thing you may want to try is some third party utility like cocktail. You can download cocktail for free at versiontracker.com. This should help you with the CPU hogging . make sure you run prebinding , caches and repair permisions.

    Also , check how big is your Library, it should not be more than a gig,

    hopefully you will see a difference after running cocktail.

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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    i bought cocktail a week ago.. didn't know it did all that. i did run it once already. hmm i'lll check on the things u mention to besure it checks and fix those.

    --my library is 300mb. so in that aspect ..its in check.
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    I encountered the same problem and nailed it down to this:

    CPU goes up whenever i use the iconview together with the "symbol preview" (or whatever its called on an english system) in finder windows..

    After unchecking that option (Apple-J) the usage is gone..
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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    oh wow YOU ARE RIGHT! but then how am i to find my pictures quickly? :T aww. anyone knows any good program or ways to look at thumbnail pictures quick? like windows xp. ? for now.. i'll use photoshop CS and brows there.

    is APPLE aware of this problem? will it be fixed in Tiger??
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    A simple fact of Panther is that the finder sucks. That's all there is to it. I keep hoping they will put out a .x.x release that fixes it but so far NOTHING. It's pathetic.
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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    Does Anyone else experience this? Or is it just us two?? Is it because i dont' have enough ram?
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    randycat99randycat99 Posts: 1,919member
    It is possible that the OS may have been paging in something big at the moment to be sucking down resources like that. However, I would think that would show up under kernel task rather than Finder (just a guess, on my part).

    I have observed heavy stretches of CPU useage, as well, when using Safari on certain websites/conditions. I haven't tracked it down to any sure-thing condition, but I have noticed some correlation when I happen to be in a Post Reply window and the smileys selection block is showing. So maybe Safari has an issue with using a lot of resources to do animated gifs and html effects?

    I've also seen it go ballistic when I log on to a particular website that uses a special pop-up window that ensures internet activity to prevent getting knocked offline. If I put it in the background (instead of keeping it in the foreground), I can circumvent the CPU hammering. I'm sure it can't be too healthy for your laptop to keep such a webpage in the foreground where it will hammer your CPU for extended periods of time (causing internal temperatures to soar).
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    xav3xxav3x Posts: 36member
    its reasonable for safari cuz its probably loading flash objects. flash is a cpu based rendering component.

    as for Finder, it will do it forever until i relaunch it. and its very steady...

    again to have this happen, just turn on your folder view option to show preview.
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