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My wife frequents a couple of BB-type sites, and lately when she tries to post on them, she occasionally gets a message like the following, and her post doesn't go through:

"Your computer's clock must be set accurately to use this progam. One of two problems exists: The date and / or time on your computer is inaccurate. The time zone on your computer is not set correctly (the time may appear accurate). Please correct the problem and then press Reload or Refresh to try again."

She'll then hit the "OK" button, and just try to submit her post again and everything will work (error doesn't pop up a second time). I've checked her clock several times (including timezone). Everything is setup correctly.

Any ideas?


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    whisperwhisper Posts: 735member
    Yeah, don't use IE
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    Originally posted by fuzz_ball

    ...Any ideas?

    Use a good browser like safari (mac only) or Mozilla/firefox(mac+pc)
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    fuzz_ballfuzz_ball Posts: 390member
    While I do appreciate your attempts to help, that is not what I asked. If using another browser was an option, than that is what I would have my wife do. However, that is not the case since certain sites she uses have coded for the poor behavior of IE and don't work reliably with other browsers.

    Now if there is anyone out there with some experience with this problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.
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