iMac, Mouse won't respond

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I inquired about this problem before, and it's still an issue.

Under my wife's account, everything is perfect. If I log in under myself, everything seems fine, but there will be sporadic instances where mouse clicks don't register at all. I can mouse over items (move around) and sometimes the gui will respond (dock will magnify) and sometimes it will not. Either way, clicks will not change between apps, initiate drop-downs from the menus etc. Usually, function will return after re-launching the finder, sometimes not. Then it will go out again a few minutes later.

I've deleted my account entirely, and built a new one (with NOTHING) from the old account other than what I sync from .Mac (address book, bookmarks etc.) And the problem still happens!

I've Repaired permissions, and run Disk Warrior ad naseum to ensure that disk or permission errors are not the cause.

I have an unconfirmed suspicion that the problem occurs only when both accounts are logged in (Fast User Switching) but I haven't had ample opportunity to test it thoroughly.

I have a 1Ghz 17" iMac, with a PowerMate and standard Apple Mouse connected to the keyboad. I have an iSight, and an external Firewire drive connected as well. USB & Firewire hubs, but the keboard/mouse/powermate is directly connected.

Any ideas are appreciated.


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    rara Posts: 623member
    I don't know why this happens, but it happens to me as well. If you logout (apple-shift-q) then log back in it seems to go away.
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