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I have two Powerbooks and only need one. I have a 1.5GHz 15inch and a 876MHz 12inch. I love the power and screen size of the 15 but I keep finding myself picking up the 12! I love the small little bugger and how portable it is. Due to an edict from my lovely wife I need to sell one of them. It seems that clearing out credit card debt and putting money away for the kids' college is more important than my need for gadgets! Give me some recomendations on what to do and how much I should ask if I sell one. The 15 is a 1.5GHz with Superdrive, 80 Gig HD, and 1Gig of RAM. THe 12 is 867MHz with Superdrive and a 60Gig HD. Thanks in advance!



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    Why not sell both and get a new 12"?
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    Now there is an idea.
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    And this is why you guys are so smart and I bring my issues here!
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    jmoneyjmoney Posts: 133member
    I've got a 15" just like you and love it to death. I'd rather part with the little 12" and keep the 15". Don't you just love the backlit keys when typing at night? One of the coolest features ever in a notebook!
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    I'd keep the 15" More Power!
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    kcmackcmac Posts: 1,051member
    I like the 12" PB. And I would think about selling both and getting a new 12. I have the model you have and the new ones are faster and have an extra port I believe.
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    I am unsure what to do. The 12 has a broken latch which I am not sure is repairable. Otherwise it's in great condition. I have no idea what to ask for it?
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    fatmac84fatmac84 Posts: 67member
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    Ok, I found out that the latch is repairable. $60! I still have no idea what to do yet but at least I will have two Powerbooks in perfect working order! I am not sure about EBay since I have never sold something there....
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    jmoneyjmoney Posts: 133member
    There's always a first time for everything.. let it ride bro.. see what happens!!
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    Ok, I am going to sell them both and buy a new 12. One question though..... Can I hook the 12 up to the new 20 inch cinema display?
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    Originally posted by GreggWSmith

    Ok, I am going to sell them both and buy a new 12. One question though..... Can I hook the 12 up to the new 20 inch cinema display?

    Versatile Video-out Capabilities

    The 12-inch PowerBook G4 comes with built-in support for DVI, VGA, S-video and composite video signals. And since the 12-inch PowerBook supports dual display mode and video mirroring, you can extend your work area or mirror your projects to an external display or projector ? perfect for presentations and for sharing your ideas. You can also display your multimedia projects on a big-screen TV, thanks to S-video and composite video output capability: Simply connect your TV to the mini-DVI port via the Apple Mini-DVI to Video Adapter, which is sold separately
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