Is Paypal safe?



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    i started using paypal about 3 years ago, still using it now and have not had one problem with them at all. i too received an email asking me to submit my user info. i also received one of those from ebay. i enquired on both sites about the email and the emails turned out to be frauds.
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    Originally posted by iPeon

    I searched Google and discovered that PayPal was under investigation for freezing people's accounts.

    Get compensated for your suffering:

    PayPal Settlement

    I debated filling out the form myself, but realized I am perfectly happy with my PP transactions and couldn't click send (my friends refer to this as Catholic Schoolgirl Guilt). Filling out the form without real cause would take away from those who really deserve it, like you.

    If you got burned by PP, go get your $50!
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    d3ctd3ct Posts: 56member
    its true about them freezing peoples accounts, one of my friends accounts are frozen with money who sold items on ebay, something happened that it doesn't even let her log in because her bank went out of business or something or they switched owners, its like it denies the fact that she ever had an account... paypal is an "ebay" company...

    just today i gave her the number to talk to a live representative, which i myself dont even know how i found..

    i was selling my laptop and i got the money transfered to me through paypal, and they froze my account saying they need to verify my identity, asking me for social security, location confirmation (letter by mail), bank account confirmation, and a credit card number <-- which i never planned on using with paypal in the first place, all 4 things required to activate my account, and all of them are taking weeks to complete, so i called their Long Distance number at least 6 times, all of the people i talk to full of garbage not knowing what they r saying making me e-mail a bunch of different paypal e-mail address's, and all i get from the e-mail addresses are auto responses with instructions for doing everything i described at the top.

    these people are full of sh__ and i'm pissed 'cuz this is ruining my business deal and ruining my plans for correct shipment times and my future plan of sales, and estimated date of purchase for my new equipment

    paypal, in my eyes, are thiefs. they rely on people too annoyed with their service to try and do something about the situations they've been put in, to try and get the money in their accounts out or use them, thus it staying as profit for paypal. they are like many companies who make extreme profit on the people who have no time to waste with such unnecessary procedures and tasks that were Not even stated anywhere when u sign up...

    in fact i feel that they make this a standard procedure with anyone who puts some money in their accounts, like banks, they want to use your money for a while, gain profit from it, and Then let you take it out... i think these unnecessary procedures are for that Exact reason and it's really pissing me off... if i was rich i would have sued them by now, but that's another thing they rely on, they think why would any rich person really be using this service? (it limits u on the amounts u can send and recieve)

    they are a dirty decieving 2 faced company and this will never happen again because i will not be conducting my business through paypal unless my issue gets resolved on a damn good timely manner (i wont deny i like paypal)
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    d3ctd3ct Posts: 56member
    i think everyone should read THAT ^^^^

    very serious sh_t
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