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I'm new to this forum and have a confession. I love classic environment. I've held out as long as humanly possible. I've been freelancing for years and have been able to exist w/ OS9 forever... until now. I'm working for a magazine and must upgrade tp OSX. I've spent all day researching online and at the bookstore. I found some great books about Panther and Jaguar and can download tomorrow. I've also spent all afternoon burning cd's and backing everything up.


Should I hold out for Tiger?

When is it coming out.. how much will it run?

If I download Panther can I upgrade to Tiger?

Any and all advice would be appreciated..



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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    No, if you download Panther you will be shunned by everyone.

    Tiger will most likely be a stand-alone OS, with no upgrade offers.
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