What could this be?



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    Quote from the August issue of MacFormat about the Airport Express:

    "Of course this begs the question, how can you change the tunes that are playing when you're in the kitchen and your Mac is upstairs? Indeed Steve Jobs was questioned about this at the recent D: All Things Digital conference in California. Rather than defend the current system Apple's CEO simply remained silent and smiled wryly. One might therefore assume a solution is in the works, and if it's anything like other AV remote controls we can expect to see a small Wi-Fi-enabled tablet device with a touch-sensitive screen."

    Oh god, how I want one!

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    There are a few points I feel are wrong here.

    1. Black box. Apple usually uses black boxes for it's Pro line of CPUs, G5's, PowerBooks, Cinema Displays etc. Unless the iMac is going to shift into the Pro Arena, which is unlikely, then it should be in a white box.

    2. Why was this person in a lift with just one of these items? Surely Apple would ship dozens of these to the show they are going to launch it at, and they would most likely be locked in a steel box or something.

    3. Where is the foam bag that usually covers an apple product? It seems he didn't have time to remove the thing fully from the box but did have time to remove the bag?

    4. Where are all the accessories?

    5. If this was genuine then Apple legal would have had the images pulled by now.
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    Originally posted by paulb31

    There are a few points I feel are wrong here.

    List snipped

    Uh, Paul, go back to the 12th page of this thread and begin reading. There's a bit of a surprise about half way down, something along the lines that a certain frequent poster here admitted that the pics in question are fakes he concocted to stir up the waters a bit.
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    Originally posted by MacsRGood4U

    Look at the postt above by JtheLemur. If you have an LCD you need to tip it. The words "Fake Fake Fake" appear.

    Im on an iMac 233, so maybe the screen just suck? I cant see anything...
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    lucidalucida Posts: 104member
    Here you can see a section of just the Blue Channel of the 3rd pic:

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    Found another picture on Macrumors.com:

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    Guys oh guys oh guys........

    Wasnt it Philpot who posted the Quadra G5 movie 18 months ago????

    Tsk Tsk Tsk.

    We should no better.

    It has been fun though.

    People are going wild for this mac.

    Lets just hope it sells as many as the original imac did.
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    boniboni Posts: 1member

    Originally posted by Gmac

    I don't believe it's a fake. i mean he could've just added those words after the fact.

    2 more days, let's keep it going!

    I don't believe it either. The word 'fake' is on the elevator, not the iMac. It is clear that the elevator is fake, but what is it then? A public toilet?
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    pbpb Posts: 4,233member
    What really amazed me in this thread, was not the member participation in posting and replying on a subject that was apparently in one or another way a hoax, but the fact that many people made their very first post in this thread. Which, for me, is a clear indication that there is out there a sick desire and anticipation for Apple's next generation iMac. Now this is good or bad ?
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    lucidalucida Posts: 104member
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    check out this picture from the Apple lab.

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    Philbot, your a genius. This was such a good hoax and nobody could discount it entirely. If thats not that imac g5, what is it? (just my curiosity)
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    tobietobie Posts: 3member
    I've lurked here for years, but this has been a most entertaining sunday. I just had a 2 hour roller coaster ride, on top of a hangover. I'm having trouble conveying this to the folks I live with, they own macs but don't get down to this level of detail...

    I loved the image analysis, that list of photo meta-data made me belly laugh, and I mean that fondly.

    Who remembers the chap who planned to sleep in a box in his employees office to spy on a clandestine meeting featuring a prototype G5? He drew some floor plans and stuff, it was fantastic.

    Great stuff.
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    jerombajeromba Posts: 357member
    I would love to have a teaser on the Apple's home page !

    Back in the old days
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    Originally posted by yossele

    check out this picture from the Apple lab.


    Errr.. that looks like someone took the screen from a 12" ibook or a powerbook and stuck it on a cheap plastic mount.
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    glenglen Posts: 32member

    Originally posted by yossele

    check out this picture from the Apple lab.


    Now that IS interesting!

    Although the blue light isn't really 'Apple'. There isn't even an Apple logo on it.

    [EDIT] Discussed here and debunked here.
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    That's a Toshiba
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    Here are some images of the LaCie 20" that philbot says is in the PowerBook box.

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    louzerlouzer Posts: 1,054member

    Originally posted by SpcMs

    As for the pictures, the dates DaveGee came up with are contradicted by the position of the box on the floor. When you compare the rounds on the floor, the box is in exactly the same position in both pictures. Also, in the first picture the top of the 'screen' is strangely deep. Anyway, this is either legit, or someone went to extreme lengths to give us a good time here, so it's all good.

    Well, here's my problem with the floor. How does anyone open a box, take a picture, then re-arrange a semi-heavy object without moving the box at all? Wouldn't it shift even somewhat as you try to lift up or place back in the item?
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    How realisitc is it that a cargo worker in the Charles Degaulle airport is just gonna happen to be carrying around a digital camera while he lugs stuff around all day? Not very.
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