iMac G5 iSight mount

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Hello all. I will be purchasing a iMac g5 tomorrow if they still have them at my local store. Does anyone have a lcd isight mount. I would be willing to pay shipping for it and a couple bucks... unless someone wants to be really generous and give it to me(I will still pay shipping) Anyways if someone has an extra lcd mount for iSight please email me at [email protected].

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    paulpaul Posts: 5,278member
    you mean the one with the sticky mount?

    you know you can buy a second mounting kit from apple for $29 or so...

    you should also see if the magnetic mount will work with the iMac...
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    On a related point (why bother starting a new thread!) I'm thinking about getting an iSight soon, but I'm confused about what the currently included mounts will work with. Apple currently lists the following mounts as being included:


    a magnetic mount for new Anodized Aluminum flat-panel Apple Cinema displays, a flat-panel iMac mount, eMac and desktop mount, PowerBook and iBook mount

    The first and last mounts are clear, but I'm wondering about the middle 2. Can anyone who has the new iSight describe the other two? What does the iMac mount look like? What does the eMac/desktop mount look like? Is the iMac mount still a sticky mount? Is the eMac/desktop mount sticky or is it some sort of stand?

    I'm curious since a have a 17" Apple LCD and want to ensure that one of the included mounts will work with my screen.
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