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    The Jets got a lot better, and the Cowboys a lot worse for releasing Carter. Despite being a middlin' talent, he is young and fairly steady. Sooner or later, Drew Hensen is gonna be taking snaps for the Pokes-hope those 3 years away from football haven't made him too rusty.

    And speaking of QBs, if you're a Bucs fan, you don't wanna see Chris Simms anywhere near the field. He got to start in Texas because of his dad, even though Major Applewhite was a much better QB. He has great athletic talent, but terrible decision making skills, which is why he looks so good on the practice field. Brad Johnson, as old an inconsistent as he is, is a much better QB than Simms will ever be.
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    What ever Happened to Major Applewhite? Is he playing somewhere?
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Steelers looked good . . . I think they might actually be impressive this year.

    A return to the running game (they have an embarrassment of riches where that is concerned: Willie Parker (4th string player) made well over 100 yards, Duce Staly, Bettis, Veron Haynes and Dante Brown) and they have finally gotten a semi-decent secondary back together.

    anyway, I went to a bar in order to see the game . . . i swear to god the way that the anouncers worshipped Owens, slavering his arse with their wet tongues every chance they got, and then playing up, over and over, the 'special bond' between McNabb and Owens, it made me feel like wretching . . . it was sickening

    They even broke into an interview with Hines Ward (who's stats are better than Owens) with questions about Owens, and the camera would not leave him or us alone . . . sickening!
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    Cowboys and Titans on Monday...

    I'm concerned about the QB situation for my 'Boys.
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    Originally posted by monkeyastronaut

    What ever Happened to Major Applewhite? Is he playing somewhere?

    Signed to the Patriots' practice squad, career-ending injury, currently a coach at Texas.
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    Steven Jackson looked awesome in tonight's Rams - Skins game.

    Julius Jones BETTER be good for the Cowboys. I hope they don't regret not drafting Jackson.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    What games are looking forward to:

    Me, of course, The Steelers vs the Raiders . . . though I think its allready a done deal

    Baltimore at Cleveland is interesting simply because its in the AFC North

    but the Giants and the Eagles should be exciting . . . I say the Giants are surprising yet they still lose.

    and the Packers vs Carolina should also be good though Carolina is a probable for that one

    KC at Denver . . . the lack of oxygen at high altitude will help Denver but KC will win . . . . they are probably going all the way this year

    Indianapols at NE . . . . I say Indianapolis . . they are a really good underdog team and playing in NE . . . and for the season opener . . it whould be fun

    Jacksonville at Buffallo . . . that would be a good game to watch . . . wich I had NFL Ticket . . . I say the Jags do well . . . don't know for sure who wins though.

    Cincinatti and the Jets . . . Hmm? close and exciting . . . Ithink both teams are underrated and will be very surprising this year . . .
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    Just reviving the thread after the first weeks games and revelations that many people had or should have had with regards to some teams that were simply overrated.

    I am also posting just to give a shout out to my Broncos for showing that they can and do have the offensive power(minus idiotic left-handed passes ) to take it to the next level...Defense is good considering this is the first year for a lot of the team to even be working together...They are ranked 4th overall in Power according to, for what thats worth...

    How are your teams doing?!
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member

    Originally posted by ijerry

    How are your teams doing?!

    Steelers did well against the Raiders: a 2nd string LineBacker stepped up and might end up replacing the 1st stringer, Kendrell Bell, who is VERY good . . . so that says good things.

    Problem this week withthem is that their second string QB, the first round draft Ben Roesthilsberger, hurt his knee in practice and there were only two QBs on the team: St Pierre was on the practice squad.

    I have been fully expecting Roesthilsberger would end up replacing Maddox this year: he played very well in preseason and Maddox, though good, has played a solid mediocre.

    The only thing bad about the Steelers so far is that they are not consostent with their aggressive play: when they are winning they seem to sit back and let the other team catch up . .. if not, though, they are dominant

    Very strong D against the run: total 61-ish yards.

    The Broncos look good this year: Griffin is impressive . . . or is it just "the System"

    That always cracks me up. If it really were 'the system' then why isn't everyone else doing it too?!?!

    Portis looked good in Washington, and they don't have 'the System'!

    anyway: looking forward to this week . . . Im gonna post a game by game prediction this time.

    Last time I got fone prediction right out of seven tries . . . not too good.

    I think that this whole season will be that way: the whole Monday Night Football elite will be playing agaistt underdogs who will be beating their asses: ie Cleveland, Pittsburgh . . . .
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    The Steelers looked like they were man-handling the Faiders so I switched channels, and then hear that it turned out to be a close game...

    The predictions are going to be hard to make, though the fricken Patriots look better than last year,and the luck continues as well...It is gonna be hard to beat talent and luck!

    I will make some predictions this week after further review of the matchups...

    Good luck to all!
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    Texans gave the ball away 4 times and made Drew Brees look like an NFL starting quarterback. Embarrassing, to say the least.

    Defense was also terrible on 3rd down-they couldn't establish a pass rush AT ALL, Chargers TE Antonio Gates looked like Tony Gonzalez.

    Houstonians are starting to get a little impatient with the Texans...if they stumble to another 5-11 season, the head coach's job is in serious jeopardy.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Carolina vs Kansas City: Gotta give it to the CHiefs, Carolina played terribly last week against the packers . . . and mostly through the run

    Green Bay vs Chicago Green Bay - they re a good team, great O Line, great runner, great QB, decent secondary . . they are going to compete hard with the vikings in this division --they'll make wildcard at least.

    Broncos vs Jaguars Broncos . . . but I want the Jags to win

    Houston vs the Detroit Lions Lions . . . they're also good this year . .. well . . . better . . . and the Texans will be the worst in the league this year

    Colts vs Titans -gotta be a great game . . . a real duel . . . I give it to the Colts. The Titans are good, Great QB, tough D - but somehoe they just can't do it when it counts.

    STEELERS vs Ravens - nuff said: Steelers - Ravens are going to claw like drowning kittys . . . but they'll still lose . . .

    Unless Maddox starts throwing without watching . . .

    SF vs the Saints -yawn . . . the saints win it

    Rams vs Falcons . . . good question . . .don't really know anything about these teams except that Vic is great and Faullk is decent . . I'll go with the Falcons cause I think they are an unknown quantity while I think the Rams are fading

    Washington vs NYGiants I want the Giants to win - - I will eternally hate the Redskins until they change their lame name . . . . they will probably win though, Portis is great

    Seattle vs Tampa Seattle - they're playoff bound

    Buffallo vs the Raiders I'd like to see the Bills win with a lot of MacGahee running . . . but they are in the Black Hole and Gannon can throw again . . . and Fargas is a good runner.

    Cleveland vs the Cowboys Cleveland - the Browns are hot and they are gonna surprise . . . they'll take second in their division but they'll still surprise.

    New England vs Arizona well . . . .come on . . . NE . . . unless they get lazy and forget that they're still playing decent players . . .like the Vikings last year

    Jets vs San Diego I think I kinda like both these teams . . . mainly for the stupidest of all reasons . .. great outfits . . . and a coupla good runners . . Tomlinson (my wife's last name) is awesome awesome awesome . . . i love to watch awesome runners . . . wich I could watch more games with him in them

    . . . They might actually be a good team this year . . . but I say that the Jets may actually be a very good team this year so they win here

    Eventually they'll start using Vilma at Line Backer and that will be interesting

    only thing I like as much as watching great runners is watching great Linebackers

    Dolphins vs Bengals the Bengals . .. they're OK . . . but the Dolphins have imploded and they'll be scraping bottom with the Niners, the Texans and Arizona

    Vikings vs the Eagles - a shootout . . . Culpepper vs McNabb, Moss vs Owens . . .the Vikings will win . . . the Eagles are very good but they will be caught off gaurd . . . . the Vikings have Ontario Smith . . . he is their second runner but he is better than some of the best . . . he'll get a chance to show his stuff . . . but mainly I think that they'll shut down Owens . . . they should, someone should . . . please!
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    Originally posted by monkeyastronaut

    10 Bold predictions

    1. Texans will have a winning record.

    2. The Titans won't make the playoffs.

    3. Phillip Rivers will be a bust.

    4. LaDainian Tomlinson will win the rushing title.

    5. Ken Dorsey is the QB of the future for the 49ers

    6. Julius Jones will rush for more yards than Eddie George for the 'Boys

    7. Gibbs' Redskins will sneak up on some teams like the Tuna's 'Boys did last year.

    8. Apple will have another add in the Super Bowl.

    9. Ricky Williams will come back after the season.

    10. The Chargers, not the 49ers, will end up with the first overall pick again. Schottenheimer fired.

    1. That's not so bold as long as Carr gets more than two seconds to scan the field before his pocket collapses.

    4. It's going to be Priest Holmes again. I woldn't count out Clinton Portis or Ahman Green either. Definitely not in this quartet is Shaun Alexander.

    5. that is not a bold statement at all. York won't spend the cash on true franchise QB and Rattay is not the future.

    9. Ricky will be back this year. I have hope (and waiver priority in Fantasy Football).

    10. I don't know, but I'm with you on the Niners. Tey're going to finish behind Arizona for sure.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Steelers are getting their asses handed to them . . .
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    cakecake Posts: 1,010member
    Titans too. The Colts have 0wned them in the 2nd half.
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    Ben Roethslisber, the rookie first round draft pick came in at QB for Maddox who got injured . . . he threw some very bad Interceptions, but otherwise look at these stats . . . he played for less than one quarter:

    Roethslisberger = 12/20 176 yards

    Maddox = 4/13 67 yards

    This guy is gonna be someone to watch for sure . . . he almost single handedly turned the game around. . . well . . . with Hines Ward that is.
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    iposteriposter Posts: 1,560member
    Watching Miami/Cincy...

    Are the Bengal's uniforms uglier than usual, or is it just me?

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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member

    Originally posted by iPoster

    Watching Miami/Cincy...

    Are the Bengal's uniforms uglier than usual, or is it just me?

    It's the orange and black stripe on the pants.

    That was a horrid game, saved only by the last 2 minutes. The Dolphins gave up a second round pick for Feeley? What?! Worst GM move ever.
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    rokrok Posts: 3,519member

    Originally posted by iPoster

    Watching Miami/Cincy...

    Are the Bengal's uniforms uglier than usual, or is it just me?

    i mentioned the same thing to my wife. there is now very little difference between the bengals uniforms and a bad halloween costume for children. "look, mom, i'm a tiger! rowr!!!" carson palmer needs a LOT more practice to get his timing down with his receivers. he was leading everyone by a few too many feet.

    p.s. the dolphins are in worse shape than i thought. they couldn't block crap last night.
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    Originally posted by pfflam

    [B]Vikings vs the Eagles - a shootout . . . Culpepper vs McNabb, Moss vs Owens . . .the Vikings will win . . . the Eagles are very good but they will be caught off gaurd . . . . the Vikings have Ontario Smith . . . he is their second runner but he is better than some of the best . . . he'll get a chance to show his stuff . . . but mainly I think that they'll shut down Owens . . . they should, someone should . . . please!

    The Eagles have a far better defense. Expect Moss and Culpepper to have good nights, but not anywhere near last week. The Vikings have to run the ball a lot this game. The Vikes will not shut down Owens for sure -- who on that D can take on any of the Eagles' offensive position players? Eagles win on a defensive play. Don't expect a shootout, especially on the Minnesota side of the ball.
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