Did I get screwed by the Apple store?

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Bought a 20 inch iMac this week. I upgraded the RAM to 1 Gig (2x512) and was charged $300. Just noticed on the apple site that this only costs an extra $225. Now I'm stuck with a 256 MB stick?



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    If you're talking about a physical Apple Store, I don't think they can do CTO options like the online store. If you want a gig of RAM, they take out the 256 and install two 512s. The new RAM (and installation) is an additional cost. I asked about this when I bought my last PowerBook; I wanted the two 256s replaced with a single 512 and was told that they could do it, but they'd charge me for the 512 and hand me the 256s.
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    Yep that's exactly what happened. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't treated differently. Guess I'll just put the 256 on eBay!


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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    uh, no, well, it depends. If you took the memory home and installed it yourself, you didn't get screwed, but you screwed yourself. This happened to me when i got my ibook, cause i didn't want to wait a day for some dopehead to come in and do i job i can do myself, so i got flustered and just said "i'll take it". If you have them install it, you get a rebate for the ram they take out, which is reflected in the online price at the apple store. if you take the part home, you pay full price, and they don't buy the ram back from you.


    ps. i've got a 125MB bookmark cause that's what happened to me
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    hmm, can you get other BTO sort of options done at the store upon purchase? like a 250gig HD in an iMac or bluetooth module/airport preinstalled? along with a gig of ram of course lol. But would they do that?
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    tomjtomj Posts: 120member
    bluetooth no, from what i understand that happens at the factory, it's just not possible. Airport for sure, they sell the cards. HDs i'm not to sure about, they may or may not have them around. and of course, it's possible that they don't do everything at every store, so your mileage may vary.
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