Firewire 400 Faster than Ethernet?

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What's faster in terms of data throughput. Let's say I'm booting a computer with netboot. What connection would be better, a firewire or ethernet (Ethernet cord is a Cat6e 625Mhz). Say both computers have gigabit ethernet cards and firewire. (also w/ Gigabit switch, but not necessarily needed)


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    GigaBit ethernet will be faster, provided it is supported accross the entire connection.

    Firewire would be faster than 10/100 ethernet though...
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    Not all GigE cards and switches are equal. Apple's built-in GigE sometimes has trouble performing at half the rated throughput, depending on what machine you are using.

    Built-in FireWire 800 on some machines is suffering from an alleged bug that cripples it to lower than 400 Mbps. In a perfect world, FireWire 800 should perform almost as well as GigE due to lower overhead on the datastream.

    You'll need to research your GigE card and Switch to find how well they work, and how well they work together.
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