InDesign v2.0 spot colour help!

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This is an absolute nightmare!

I brought in an Illustrator file that PMS653 in it.

Later on, the colour of the job was changed to PMS288.

So I think to myself, I'll change the colour in Illustrator, and then tell InDesign to delete PMS653 and replace it with PMS288 throughout.

Except that PMS653 won't delete because the trash can icon is greyed-out. I've checked everything and I can't see anything else in the document that is PMS653.

So how am I meant to delete this rogue colour? I've got a 64pp document and I don't have the time to go through and check EVERYTHING!

Likewise I don't have the time to create a new document and recreate everything from scratch.

ANY suggestions would be helpfull...


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    I don't have InDesign 2 at home but at my work we use it and this is how we do it (of course this is from memory).

    First create the new color you want (or change it in Illustrator and update the file). Then you go to your Swatches platte and click on the Menu bar (the little guy that shows you all of the Menu options for the Swatches). Under it you will see an option for the Ink Manager and open it up. There might also be an option to open the Ink Manager under Edit (can't remember).

    Once the Ink Manager is open you just choose the color you want to change and then Alias it to the new color you want it to be. You can also do this when you go to print it will give you the option of opening up the Ink Manager and you can set your colors there. InDesign calls it "Alias" instead of just letting you rename the swatch.

    I hope this helps, sorry if it might be a little bit off but the general idea is that you need to open the Ink Manager and then Alias the swatch you want to change to the new swatch.
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    I'll give that a go then. Thank you very much!

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