Is this a picture of the next iPod on's site

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This doesn't look like any iPod I've seen. The navigation buttons are around the thumbwheel, so it's not the clickwheel, but it also isn't the previous generation with those buttons running across the top.

Honestly, I have to believe I'm wrong because 1) is making reference to iTunes 3 and a maximum 20 GB capacity for the iPod and 2) it looks somewhat inferior to the click-wheel design (although I confess I don't own a click-wheel iPod, and that there may be issues with accidental clicking).

All comments welcome. Apologies in advance if this is old (and debunked) news.


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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    It's an original 5Gb iPod.

    Click me.
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    vr6vr6 Posts: 77member

    Please lock and delete this thread.
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