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Hello there,

Thinking about getting one of these new iMac G5s, mainly for audio work, the only problem is there is no firewire 800 port, what a bloody stupid idea that was! Does anyone know of any solution to this? Is it possible to get one put in when ordering it, or maybe a pci slot so you can use a converter instead? Will apple eventually put FW800 in these iMacs in the next release? And does anyone know when that will be?

Any advice is much appreciated.

Dan Hutchings


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    I think you'll find most, if not all FireWire audio devices currently sold by the major audio manufacturers are FW400, not 800.

    I would personally recommend the Metric Halo DSP FireWire interface, or the Motu 896-HD. The Motu 828-MkII is also a great interface.

    I too am considering moving from my 17" PowerBook to a 20" iMac G5, and am looking seriously at the Metric Halo.

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    Hi Adam,

    Funny you should mention Metric Halo, as that is what i am planning to buy eventually, their Mobile IO 2882. Is that only FW400 then? I was under the impression that you can plug any firewire device into any firewire port, regardless of speed. Will i be able to record 8 tracks of audio at once, at high resolution and sample rate through a FW400 connection? That's basically my main concern.

    Cheers for help,

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    The Metric Halo will definitely be able to do everything you want, and more.

    I think FW-800 is backwards compatible with FW-400, the the connector is different on the computer. All the FireWire interfaces support FW-400, so don't let the iMac specs concern you too much. The only really annoying thing for audio (which is putting me off), is that you can't connect a seperate monitor in "dual-head" mode... it only replicates what's on the main screen.

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    Hey, thanks Adam.

    I think you might want to look at this:


    You can get a patch for the G5 iMac that allows you to do screen spanning. Go buy! Thanks for your help.

    Dan Hutchings
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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    All the current audio interfaces are firewire 400 save one from a little-known French company. As for the firewire 800 port, nobody ever accused Apple of thinking practically when it comes to hardware.
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