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    All the people out there that want a memory card reader built into the ipod are insane. How the hell is apple spose to keep the ipod as small as it is and put a memory card reader into the thing. Especially when the Belkin Media Reader works so well. I travel a lot and take a lot of pictures. I have no problem bringing the Media Reader with me. When my card is full I plug in the Media Reader and empty the card to the iPod. Also with so many different size memory cards out there which one are you spose to put on the iPod? With the Media Reader you have access to all types of cards. (which is great when traveling with friends who have different cameras, when the day is done I just upload all of their pictures to my iPod, that way they dont have to send them to me later.) The Media Reader is a GREAT accessesory and only the people that need it have to spend money on it. Versus putting one in the iPod and making everyone pay for it!!!! Dont you people understand that?

    On another note....I would like to be able to view those photos that I upload to my iPod with the Media Reader...and then I'd also like to be able to sort those photos into On-The-Go photo albums on my iPod and have it sync up with iphoto and automatically add those albums to my photo library in my computer when I get home.

    I think this is a nice first step for the iPod Photo. I recently just purchased a new 40gig iPod and will be content with it right up to the point that Apple comes out with their second generation iPod Photo next year at which time I WILL be happy to purchase.
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member
    Yeah, I agree that an integrated mic would be great and make them soooo much more useful in business and school without much cost in price or space ... but krikey ... all of the other bellyaching by the latter day Ray Atkeson's is just a bit much. If Belken could make a FW or USB adaptor to hook the iPod right to a camera, they would have done it so far. I don't want to pay for that standard.

    Hopefully all of these will be just more accessories or maybe as iPod Photo Pro's. I think/hope this is just the beginning of innovation for the division that has really only just recently seperated ever so slightly from the mothership.

    For those who hate the black and red U2 pod, wait until REM gets a brown/gold one and the Stones get a black and silver one! You guys seem to think this is the end of the story when its just the beginning.

    I wouldn't mind the phone thing being a small clip-0n thing at the bottom either. I still like pda's for keeping track of expenses and for some of the gimicky apps and databases. Hope iPod keeps going that way too!

    And to those who think the iPod photo misses the mark...why are you so upset? They didn't stop making the other ones, did they?

    PS I think we will be seeing that the form factor of a 8-10" screen subnotebook is a profitable form factor....basically a big iPod that runs OSX and with all the inputs the pro-photographer wannabees need!
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    Another thought on why we dont need some sort of adapter to plug digital cameras right into the ipod....MORE CORDS! if its one thing I hate traveling with, its a bunch of cords...Always getting tangled in my bag, dangling everywhere. the Belkin Media Reader is perfect! small and compact, no cords hanging anywhere easily fits into the side pocket of my bag. Its clean and hassle free!

    Geez I just realized that it may sound like I work for Belkin the way I'm going on about the Media Reader. Well I don't! I just use mine ALL the time and have found it to be as important when traveling as the iPod itself.
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    I will wait for the prices to drop over the next few revisions and the feature list to mature a bit. I am content with my 10GB iPod until then.

    This is the first iPod product that has caught my attention since the 3G iPod. Good show.
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    You still can't put photo's on directly from your camera whilst on the move?

    You still need a Belkin jumbo card reader thingy?

    Still can't stick in a replacement battery pack?

    Well it's an improvement but I'll be waiting a bit longer.
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    Here's something I've always wanted on the ipod and seems appropriate now:

    A camera accessory!

    just a simple thing, 640x480, snaps on like the media reader, maybe saves to a new iphoto album named for the date or something

    potential obstacle I can think of - is there enough communication between an accessory like that and the ipod to show a viewfinder on main screen at a reasonable frame rate? And you would need special software to get the ipod to act as a viewfinder at all.

    Or just an old-fashioned window in the body of the attachment itself, and you hold the ipod up to your face (although people have been spoiled by camera phones and holding digital cams at arm's length). Take a pic and it dumps it to the ipod drive like the media reader. View it later.

    Maybe no one would care about this since camera phones are cheap now. It might go over well in Japan where even Gameboys had this kind of snap-on camera over 10 years ago (and a portable printer for it too)
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    The only disappointing thing for me--and this doesn't have anything to do with the new iPods--is that they didn't make marginal price reductions on the white iPod line.

    But as for the new products, they look great even if beyond my price bracket!
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    jasenj1jasenj1 Posts: 916member
    And the drift towards convergence continues.

    Remember the Newton. Apple was years ahead of the market with that one. I'm sure Apple's brain trust came up with the cell phone-video cam-MP3 player-PDA-pocket mass storage device years ago - and all the pieces connected wirelessly. The problem with releasing such a device is it would cost a lot and be considered very complex by today's market. "Who wants something like that? It's so complicated. And $3000? No way."

    Apple has taken the right approach with the iPod. Simplify the user interface to the point where the "average" person is comfortable with the device. See how the market responds - in the iPod's case, VERY well. Wait a couple years for users to get comfortable and then *BAM* add another level of features/complexity (photos).

    Other manufacturers have released "better" devices in the past, but Apple has coupled their device with really great software - iTunes, iTMS, iPhoto.

    - Jasen.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    Yeah but they dropped the prices significantly (25% and 20%)when the click wheel iPods were introduced just three months ago.

    The Mini is due for a drop.

    Actually...nothing is due for a drop until demand begins to level off a tad.

    Expect drops (and perhaps the rumored new flash-based $149 pod) AFTER Christmas. Look at the Mini intro as a model. Apple is set for the holiday season me-thinks. Furthermore don't expect them to drop prices right away...maybe February/March to avoid any "30 day price guarantee" issues.
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    Originally posted by Matt C.

    so other than copyright issues, what are the chanes of seeing video on an ipod?

    Don't know, but having this screen or a derivative of it in a future iPod would be one more step closer.
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    Ordered mine yesterday night and got "1-2 weeks" shipping, but it shipped this morning!


    P.S. My $.02...Apple is burrowing the iPod deeper into your private life. First your music, your way. Now your pictures your way.

    Are you a proud parent? Much of Apple's target demograhpic is. Are you a Echo Boomer who wants to keep the memories they create with them all the time? There's the rest of Apple's consumer demo. Either way - f-'n fuhgetaboudit!!!

    iPod is getting more personal, and that's a good thing for Apple.
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    Are you a proud parent? Much of Apple's target demograhpic is. Are you a Echo Boomer who wants to keep the memories they create with them all the time?

    Right on with this point. As the iPod slowly becomes your digital wallet of sorts it will begin to add features. But it did need a starting point to branch off from. And as the first model to include color screen and some photo organization it is a good first step. Now when you get back from traveling Europe on your honeymoon and want to show the parents your photos. you can just load up your iPod when you go to visit them and now you've got a wonderfull slide show for them to see on their tv.
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    I have to agree that I only see iPod getting bigger (more features rather than physical) as time goes on. I have also commented several times to friends and family that its a *pod* not a music player - it's portable access to your information/files.

    I'd love to be able to record TV programs with the iPod, although the way it's going I don't see that happening (with it for listening to music, viewing iCal dates, address', pictures), so maybe an iapp for recording TV.

    And I don't care for Steve Jobs' comments about computers never integrating with TV and that side of things, becuase he's done it with music, and he'll continue to do it to every other medium... As long as he does it as good as this, I'm all for it!
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    They are now shipping too, my wife's shipped today from China:

    Wife's iPod Photo shipped
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    macgregormacgregor Posts: 1,434member

    Originally posted by jbh001

    Don't know, but having this screen or a derivative of it in a future iPod would be one more step closer.

    300 ppi and 2.4" screen starts to make a real video interphase possible. I still hope that there is a lot of reseach in a Cupertino bunker for a simple wheel interface that would allow the entire front of the iPod to be a screen.
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    Just picked mine up from the local Apple Store, so I guess they're available. It's beautiful. I'm now waiting while iTunes transfuses my music into it.

    My previous iPod was essentially full, and I'd had trouble wondering what to do with the rest of my music, so this is a great solution. It's been a long wait!
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    maccrazymaccrazy Posts: 2,657member

    Originally posted by Chris Cuilla

    I think Apple is slowly "inching" the functionality up. Video would be way too much right now.

    They looked and said..."Gee...60GB is an awful lot for most music collections...what else can we get on there?" Photos were the answer. They have all of the pieces in place to do SOMEthing related to video here (though I am doubtful about playback on the little screen...more likely through the TV as with the iPod Photo slide shows.)

    Two years from now when the 60GB iPod Photo is the low-end ($299) of the line...perhaps the high end will be looking foer still more functionality.

    P.S. As an aside...I am a tad surprised they didn't do an iPhoto Windows. Of course they didn't do that right away with iTunes either so...perhaps they are hedging here...wait to see how much people want this...then...MAYBE...port iPhoto.

    They better bloody not. I have to pay for iPhoto, I don't want Windows users stealing another program - if you had to pay for the Windows version then i wouldn't mind as much. It would weaken Apple's switch campaign further, where as not making it strengthens the campaign. If iTunes does this for your music think what iPhoto does, lets buy a Mac. Anyway lots of people want choice over there photo browser, i think apple should offer further support for the actual camera makes.

    "Video is not coming, at least not any time soon." Isn't that what Jobs said? I don;t see the point of it. Digital photos are no longer shown because people don;t print them, so you can carry them on your iPod, a legitimate reason not oh what can we do with a 60 GB HD? I really don't see the point of a video iPod.

    Equaliser would be cool and that aqua interface does make you drool!
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    Originally posted by SafariX


    Umm...dinner now. Pics later.
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    Originally posted by osXuser

    Umm...dinner now. Pics later.

    Ohhh, alright. Here's one. Sorry about the lighting. It was just a quick shot.

    iPod photo
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