WebObjects update in the pipeline

in macOS edited January 2014
An update to Apple's WebObjects development environment could see a release earlier than previously expected.

Apple Computer is reportedly in the process of readying an update to its WebObjects software, which provides developers with a quick and easy solution for developing and deploying Java server applications.

According to one source, the company is priming the release of WebObjects 5.3, which will correct all known user interface bugs, a large majority of Enterprise Object Modeler glitches, and add support for the most current databases and deployment platforms.

Apple had reportedly planned to introduce the new version of WebObjects alongside Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, which will include related technologies such as JAVA 1.5 and Xcode 2.0. However, dwindling inventory of the current version may make way for an earlier release of the software. In this event, sources said a software patch will be released early next year to provide additional component updates.

Already, several Apple resellers, including Amazon.com, are noting a discontinuation of the current WebObjects 5.2 release; the development software remains available from Apple's own online store.

WebObjects was last updated in February of 2004 and is the foundation to both the Apple online store and ubiquitous iTunes music download service.


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