Browser Bandwidth Problems

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
This evening my interneting is going very slow. The strange thing is that only my browsers are having a difficult time sucking bandwidth. I have Jaguar 10.2.6 and 150Kbs DSL and neither Explorer (which I hardly ever use) nor Safari will load faster than a snail?s pace. In fact, neither will load using more than 10% of my available bandwidth. NetMonitor hardly shows a difference between idle and a page loading. Google searches can take me ten minutes. However, I can stream songs no problemo through RealOne (either through shoutcast or from mp3?s posted on webpages) at full speed, my normal 230 Kbs NetMonitor speed. Process Viewer shows nothing out of the ordinary, just that my browsers don?t get a very big CPU %age.

Restarting does nothing, nor does closing or opening other programs, nor emptying the cache, nor disabling Classic.

Any ideas?



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