New iMac G5 stinks! (Literally, a little bit)

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I've set up a new iMac G5 (1.6 GHz, 17") and it's a great computer for the most part. It smells a bit like burning plastic since first turning it on, however.

The longer that the computer is on, the more the unpleasant aroma dissipates, but the odor remains. The case doesn't feel particularly hot anywhere, so I don't think anything is really burning up. I suspect it's just a little industrial grime clinging to a hot chip or two, slowly being cooked away by the heat.

Anyone else have any olfactory observations to make about their own iMac G5s?


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    My iMac g5 1.6 is fine its dosnt smell and the heat isnt so bad, its quite cool actualy
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    one thing i have allways noticed about macs is their smell. because apple uses the quality poly-carbonate, they have a very destinct quality smell.
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    dacloodacloo Posts: 890member
    I wonder when the first "smell attach modules" will be out there. I-smell.

    You click in in your computer and using the fans, it will spread a nice smell in your home, depending on factors like daytime and date. (e.g lemon when you feel down, at 16.00, or christmas tree smell!)
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    tuttletuttle Posts: 301member
    The 1.6 iMac I bought for my mother has been running since a couple days after they first started shipping and it is just barely noticeably warmer than room temperature and it has no smell at all.
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    What you're seeing is what I call "new computer smell". This goes away after a couple of weeks.
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    gargar Posts: 1,201member

    Originally posted by Robin Hood

    What you're seeing is what I call "new computer smell". This goes away after a couple of weeks.

    yup, except if you remove the back and you start sniffing the motherboard and other innards you keep smelling that "new computer smell" for ages...

    my G5 tower at work smelled the same.
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