New Mobile - which one?

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I'm currently in the market for a new mobile - at present I have a Sony Ericsson T610. However, I'd quite like to return to Nokia as I prefer their new UI. I'm looking at the 6260 and 6630 (I hear that the 6170 doesn't do Bluetooth). I'm tempted by the Sony Ericsson s700 but as I've siad would prefer a Nokia.

Which of these phones would you advise me to get? The camera shouldn't be much of an issue as I'm guessing that at 1.3megapixels the images still aren't good enough to put onto iPhoto and order prints of - or am I mistaken?


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    Go Ericsson. We sell about 50% of each and the complains are 70-80% Nokia exclusive.

    Right now Nokias strategy seems to be "Three types of telephones in a gazillion different variants. S//E seems to be "seven different phones (and the T630 clone)". Its simply more focused.
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    andersanders Posts: 6,523member
    BTW I have seen the picture quality of most if not all mega pixel phones out there and S700 floors the rest of them.
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    Thanks for the reply. How does the SE 700 interface compare with my T610? Mine freezes, which my Nokia never did. Any one thing I REALLY want is a phone that holds ALL address book details, not just phone numbers and email like the T610. Finally, the 6630 allows you to download apps including one that gives directions etc. How does SE compare for these functions?

    Again, thanks for the response.
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    Also, as I'm a bit dense about this differing definitions, is the S700 what one would call a 'smartphone'? I guess it cannot use System 60 - but then I see no suggestion that the 6260 can either.
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