small screensaver password-pause hack request

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I was just thinking about a small small utility that could be made. Given I have no ability whatsoever with programming or applescript or anything like that, I dont even know where to start.

The background: I have screensaver request my admin password when I wake it up to get back to my desktop.

However, all too often I the mouse cursor ends up in the "activate screensaver" corners, and even if I move it away asap, I have to wait for the screensaver to load, and then again interrupt, and... well.. its a pain in the ass.

Basically, I just want a 3-5 second wait before it asks the password once the screensaver actually starts.


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    i know exactly what you mean. i have my upper right corner set as the one to have it to go to screensaver, and my mouse always ends up going to that corner, skipping around and such. pain-in-the-ass!
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    That's actually one of the very few things that annoy me about Mac OS X. If I accidentally hit the screensaver activation hot corner on my Powerbook, I don't have a "grace period" in which I don't have to enter my password to go back to my system. Surely there is a way to do that already, or someone could make a quick hack to enable this feature...
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    Mabe someone could write an applescript that starts the screen saver, then you could just put that in the dock and click on it instead of having the hot corner activate it.
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    I don't have a mac right now, but are there screensaver files like on Windows? If there are, could you just make a shortcut to them, kind of like the post above me was talking about?
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