Powerbook or Dell?

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Ok, I know this is silly to ask here but I want some honest opinions. Things have been real tight lately and I need to decide between two laptops. I can pick up a 867MHz 12inch Powerbook with Superdrive real cheap. My other option is a Dell Inspriron 700M with dual layer dvd burner and 2 gig of ram for the same price. I know the Powerbook is a better machine but do I want a Rev A PB or a virtually brand new PC? The only thing the Dell does not have is Bluetooth..


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    Without spewing out the tired old saying ?Your comparing Apple To Oranges? I would have to go with the Dull. Even though I?ll be knock down later for saying this but 867mhz will become uncomfortably slow in the near future, thinking Tiger here. Grab the cheap Dell, get your work done and save up for the better Powerbook. G5?s in the summer baby, OH YEA!
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    Used? Both?

    What about an iBook?
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    Originally posted by Anders

    Used? Both?

    What about an iBook?

    Good call didn't think about that. Even though I personally would never buy an Apple non-pro-crippled consumer product it just might be the thing the doctored ordered.
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    Depends on what you are going to do. What software you NEED to use. If they are available for both, then you have to consider all costs associated with both computers...PC would be down time or updating time taking away from work time. Mac would be that in time it will lag in time and be slower with the new OS or not take advantage of all the technologies behind the new OS.

    Its a tough call, but I would say that the software should dictate your decision more than any specs up front...
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    Not a tough call at all - Dell (and I DESPISE Dells). Bluetooth is only a thumb drive away if you really have a use for it.
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    As long as you don't hate Windows with a passion, I think you'd be better off with Dell, just based on your certain position
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    Even though I'm going to suggest looking at an Inspiron 8600, I would really try to save up for the Powerbook, new if possible. You'll be happier in the long run. I have been a lifelong Mac user, but I had to replace my aging G3 Powerbook with something new, and nobody would finance me a new Powerbook. So on a whim, I applied with Dell. They gave me $1500 in about 5 seconds so I got an Inspiron 8600. I'm pretty happy so far, even though I still think OS X is much much better than XP. Not that XP is that bad, but I miss my Powerbook user experience really bad.
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