AOL is running commercial that Apple should be running

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A big part of the new AOL ad campaign is the help they provide with viruses.

Apple should be running commercials for their computers that point out the lack of viruses.

Why doesn't apple do any advertising of the iMac, iBook, G5 Tower, or Powerbook?

I haven't seen Apple advertise anything but iPod for almost 2 years.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Well, honestly I don't think Apple should be tempting fate too much with hubris about not having viruses. We've already had a couple of near-panics about malware that, while not a virus, worm, etc., can be used against Apple's repute in this area. Malware can exist on any platform so long as there are either ignorant or stupid people using it, and it's a subtle claim to say that no malware exists when at least some of that claim is out of your hands. I tend to think the word-of-mouth route is best in such a case, the soft sell and grassroots kind of approach to getting the word out.

    This doesn't apply directly to Apple, but I also think that these companies that are suddenly all about virus protection whatnot aren't interested in really doing anything about malware, they're interested in capitalizing on it, trying to make money off of it. I idea of using this problem for economic advantage lies somewhere between slightly off-color to flat-out offensive. I wouldn't want Apple to come anywhere near that fray, to stay above it instead.

    Finally, even further off topic, I absolutely HATE those AOL commercials. Does anyone else think it's a touch unflattering to have all the AOL members at the AOL corporate campus to complain about the service? Sort of backfires on AOL to run those ads, and now NetZero has a rather funny parody of that particular one at least.
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