New PowerBook G4 Ruminations

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Just received my new PowerBook G4 15" today. It's a beautiful machine and I really love it. A few ruminations...

1. The ambient keyboard isn't nearly as cool as the web site/commercials/etc. make it out to be. It's useful but not quite as "blue" as I was expecting.

2. There some packing "gunk" still on the external case. It makes it look like the new 'book is scratched. But, so far, I've been able to "remove" all the "gunk" without much trouble. Hopefully nothing too nasty will show up in the following days.

3. The system runs fast. I'm really impressed at the 1.5 GHz processor compared to my old 12" with a 1 GHz. The improvement is noticable. Still waiting for my 1 GB of Crucial RAM to come in.

4. The widescreen, 1280x854 display is gorgeous and EXTREMELY good looking. I like how the system can automatically adjust the brightness based on the light present in the room. Nice feature. Works well. Being able to have a bunch of windows open and NOT have to use Expose constantly to find them all is REALLY nice. Very impressive. And much, much better than my 12" PowerBook.

Overall, I really like the system. I wish the ambient keyboard thing was a little "cooler" and I could do with the case being a bit more polished, but... those are little things. The system itself works wonderfully and should serve me for years to come.

Thanks to all of you for your constant help and suggestions. These forums have been a great place to find information of all sorts and I feel more like a "power user" everyday. Thanks.

For those of you interested... along with the 15", I got the Epson Stylus C86 (planning on using that $100 rebate), a .mac subscription and a Brenthaven Fusion Flex Messenger Case along with some RadTech products to further protect the PowerBook. I also wish that it came with a mini-audio to RCA adapter, but I understand Apple not placing that in the box. Everything else I could want is in there, though. I also have Microsoft Office 2004, a Logitech Trackman Wheel and a Belkin 10' USB cable (for the printer) on the way. Amazon has a good deal on those USB cables right now.

I'm very pleased with my purchase. It feels like an early Christmas.


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    I just want to say congratulations. Excellent purchase. I have a 17 PB and couldn't be happier. Enjoy!!!
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