Can' t Delete Windows Media Player. PLEASE HELP!!!

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God, am I getting frustrated! Never had a problem deleting anything before.

Keep trying to delete an old copy of Windows Media Player. Put it in the trash. Asks to verify the delete. Click OK. Then it keeps saying emptying the trash can't be completed because files like "wmphelp.htm", "WMPIcon.gif", "windowsahde.gif", etc., etc. etc. are locked.

Next obvious step is to do a find file and search everywhere for these files to unlock them but I have tried and tried but cannot find them to unlock them. And would I need to unlock each individually?

I try to unlock the copy of Windows Media Player I am trying to delete, but that box is shaded and not "clickable." In moving the file around I now have five copies which I can't delete.

I've got a new copy of Windows Media Player which works fine. I honestly can't remember much about this other file I am trying to delete. It has been laying around for a while and I am spending the day trying to clean up my computer. When I try to launch it by clicking the icon, it just says it cannot due to a bug. I can't remember much about the file, it may have been an old aborted download of the file. But then the icon would not show up, right?

I'm an idiot. Can anyone help?



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    How embarassing....Kept trying the search function here at AI and finally found the answer. Hold down the option key while emptying the trash.

    Like Brad used to say about Google: "Google is your friend."

    I guess the same can be said about the Search function here at AI!

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