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Ok ive got an iSub bought it with my G3 iMac, now ive sold my G3 iMac and bought a new G5 iMac, the sub dosn't work the best with the G5 iMac as the speakers are no where near as loud as the iMac G3's were. So i was thinking of getting either soundsticks or the creature speakers. Which have the best output and whats the sound quality like.


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    im about to buy a g5 imac, just wondering if you need speakers. it says it has integrated speakers but i cant imagine that they are good enough to watch a dvd, or even listen to music...

    so if anyone has any advice on what speakers to get, id really apreciate it.
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    About the iMac G5's internal speakers, overall their not bad quality wise, but lack loudness and base.
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    looks like i'll be getting some soundsticks then :-)
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