iFlicks is coming soon...

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I've been helping beta test a new program called iFlicks._ The

developer has wanted to keep the project under wraps, so previously I

couldn't really talk about it._ But, he just put up the website and

said we could start talking about it, so I figured I'd let the people

on this forum know._ Here is the website address:

URL Removed - Jambo

The application is a movie organizer and player._ It works a lot like

iTunes and iPhoto, except its geared towards movies._ It also

integrates with Netflix so you can keep track of which movies you are

renting._ He said he's planning on release version 1 the first week of

January, so it should be right around the corner.


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    jambojambo Posts: 3,036member
    Or you're Jared Hanson, the founder of Helixent Technologies.

    If you want to advertise your software on AppleInsider you should email [email protected]<this-site>.com. Don't make up a story to try and fool the members, it's not appreciated.

    What a shame you felt the need to do this, the software does look pretty cool.

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