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Hi all, just a quick one. I'm relativley new to photoshop and was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help me. I've got a bit of text and want to apply an image to it to make a sort of texture if you will. What i need to do is write a bit of text for my homepage and apply a chequred flag to it. In Paintshop Pro i could do it with a few clicks but with photoshop it seems as if it's hidden away somewhere and it doesn't want to do it.

Please please please help i'd really apreciate it.




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    There are usually several ways to accomplish any given effect in Photoshop. Here's one way (a clipping mask) from your Photoshop help menu:

    Fill type with an image

    How To Tip:

    Open the file containing the image you want to show through the text.

    Select the Horizontal Type tool in the toolbox.

    Click the Character tab to bring the Character palette to the front or, if the palette isn't open, choose Window > Character.

    In the Character palette, select the font and other type attributes for the text. Large, bold, thick letters work best for this technique.

    Click an insertion point in the document window and type the desired text. When you are satisfied with the text, press Ctrl + Enter (Windows) or Command + Return (Mac OS).

    Click the Layers tab to bring the Layers palette to the front or, if the palette isn't open, choose Window > Layers.

    In the Layers palette, drag the image layer so that it is immediately above the text layer.

    With the image layer selected, choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask. The image displays within the text.

    Select the Move tool , and then drag the image to adjust its placement within the text.
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    Thanks very much for that. I don't have photoshop on this computer to try it out but someone gave me an example at work then run away to a meeting before i could ask any questions. I think they did that. Thanks again for your help, you're a lifesaver. :-D

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    Another way to do this really quick would be to use a background pattern. Open the checkered flag pic and go to EDIT>DEFINE PATTERN. Then, go back to the file with the text in it adn select the text. Now, go to LAYERS>BLENDING OPTIONS and selct PATTERN. Select the body of the PATTERN area to get the options. Click the pattern style area and select the checkered flag out of all the patterns desplayed ( you can also use SCALE to size the pattern). Select OK and OK and your text will now have the checkerd flag.
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