Help Please! Disable BezelUI

in macOS edited January 2014
Does anyone know how to disable or if it is safe to delete BezelUI?



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    m01etym01ety Posts: 278member
    Why do you want to delete a core OS service? o_0
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    I bought Belkins new BT mouse and this thing times out about every thirty seconds and the Connection Lost bezel comes up constantly
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    I would start by complaining to Belkin or whoever you bought the mouse from. If that fails then look at modding the OS. If you choose to take that path I suspect the easiest way would be to replace the particular bezel images you don't want to see with completely transparent images as opposed to just deleting them outright.
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    Thanks WJMoore, that by far has been the best advice I have received from either Belkin or Mac support.
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