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I'm a fairly new Apple user, and am trying to set up a P2P program, DC++. I used it regularly on my former computer, and loved it, so I wanted to use it on my Mac as well. I have been told, and have seen online that there is a Mac version available, but I do not know how to install it, because it is fairly complex. If anyone is familiar with this program, or has used it in the past, any info would be great. I have downloaded the program on my computer before, but getting it to work is a completely different issue. I don't know if i'm downloading the correct version or even from the correct site. Anyway, any info would be awesome.

Thanks a lot...


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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    This is


    This is

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    cjs6cjs6 Posts: 5member
    Thanks a lot for each of those. I DL'd one, but now am not sure of how to get it to work. I've installed it, but am unable to Connect to any forums....
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    Please don't post the same request in multiple forums.

    This request belongs in Genius Bar, so I'll close this one and let the discussion continue there.
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