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I think it seems pretty unlikely of a G5 laptop this year unless IBM is working on something to be released soon (970GX?). But if the next rev of powerbooks comes out before the powermac get dual cores i think it would be a marketing nightmare for apple for the 8641D dual core G4 to be found in the PB. I would bet if apple does not get the 970MP inside the powermac before the next PB rev apple would:

a) Use the 7448 as a nice speed bump for the ibook. The extra few mhz for the system bus would work a treat. More important since its a simply drop in and go replacement for the current 7447A/B the development cost would be minimum allowing for ibooks to keep there prices (or a reduction) plus keeping a nice profit margin.

b) For the PBook the 8641 (note single core) thou not 64-bit (not a great deal at the moment) this Integrated Memory controller and DDR2 would result in a significant performance improvement. I base this argument on considering the effect of the IMC in comparing AMDs Athlon to Athlon 64.

My main problem with any upgrade for the PBs using the 8641/D would be the marketing issue. if it wasn't for the G5 from IBM these chips would be justified being called G5 in there own right. So how would Apple sell them? G4-2 G4+ G4.5 etc. I bet Steve Jobs doesn't want to consider the whole 8641/D range for marketing reasons. 7448 thou I think as a place somewhere in apple.

PS i just ordered my the new PB 12-inch


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    Apple doesn't seem to be shy about introducing all-new product categories these days. See the Mac mini. Perhaps the days of a pro/consumer product matrix are over.

    So how about this:

    Apple could create another new high-end product category: dual dual core. Desktops and portables with two CPUs each with two cores.

    There would be a new 'PowerMac extreme' workstation based on 2 dual core G5s and new 'PowerBook extreme' desktop replacment laptops with 2 dual core G4s.

    Both products would be considered 'high-end' and round up the existing product lines.

    The recent price cuts on the PowerBooks might pave the way for a new high-end product line. They would be thicker and bigger than current PowerBooks, but Apple wouldn't mind too much as size-conscious consumers still have the existing once to choose from.

    And the new workstation class PowerMacs would likely be bigger too, giving room for more bays and more cooling.
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    8641(D/not D) marketed as "G5 Mobility," "PowerBook G5," "M5," "GM."

    well, 3 out of 4 are flattering anyway.

    I'm sure it's a non?issue.
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