iMac G5 or Mac Mini?

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Here's the deal:I'd love to get a mac mini because of the low price.The problem with that is that I really want a full-featured mac,meaning your basic parts:keyboard,mouse,and display.Although that would be good,when you get down to spending,I might as well get a iMac G5,my next choice.My gripes about the iMac G5 is the graphics card,which I'm not sure will run the sims 2 with high settings,which I run pretty fast now with a 128MB raedeon 9200.Also it's that I've seen benchmarks where the eMac has beaten the iMac G5 in hard drive access.The things that are good about it is that memory is user-installable,and it has a G5,which is good for me since I work with programs like Terragen,and the usual multimedia apps.I'm thinking either high-end Mac Mini or 17" 1.6 GHZ iMac G5.I'm asking to narrow my ultimate decison.Thanks.


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    The Mac Mini surprises me when it comes to performance, but you want an entire setup, so why not get the iMac?

    Also, when tiger is released, you'll have 64 bit operating system for your G5, which will be fantastic.
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    go for the iMac g5. benchmark this or that, g5 kicks ass in cpu-intensive tasks... graphics card is definitely better than the Mac minis, plus its a g5.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Don't get anything. All mac purchases should be put on hold untill macs either come with Tiger, or with a guarantee from Apple that Tiger will be a free upgrade.
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    I had the same basic choice, get a mac mimi(with 20" cinema display) or get a 20" imac g5, and I am getting the mac, get faster cpu, easier to upgrade/expand/fix. I already ordered the memory upgrade for the g5 imac(1 gig(2x512)). only $132 for it.
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    qchemqchem Posts: 73member
    If you've got gripes with the graphics in iMac, surely your gripes will be worse with the mac Mini? Half the video ram and without the swanky pixel shaders sounds much worse to me.

    Benefit of the Mini is that you wouldn't need to buy a new display if you decided you wanted a powerMac somewhere down the line - that and it's cute form factor....

    Personally I'd go for the G5 (in fact I put my money where my mouth is and ordered one recently).
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    I'll probably end up going with the iMac G5,but I want to go to the apple store to get it.Is there any way I can get internal bluetooth at the apple store?
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    dfilerdfiler Posts: 3,420member
    Another option is a refurbished Powermac G5. These are available straight from apple or various mac resellers. You can likely get a powermac for $1400 by keeping tabs on what they have available.
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    I'm not in the market for a new Mac at the moment, but I can be easily tempted at any time

    I have a 1.25 gig G4 tower at home for the kids. I was thinking that if the mini-mac was quite it might be a nice replacement. So I went to the apple store on line and started adding more ram, bigger hard drive, air port, bluetooth, dvd burner...

    It all adds up fast.

    Needless to say I think I can put up with the fan noise from the tower for a couple of more years.
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