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    [quote]Originally posted by apple_otaku:


    I think you need to read to description of Gigawire at the trademark site again. It has nothing to do with Firewire. It is the total opposite of Firewire. It has to do with wireless communications.</strong><hr></blockquote>

    simply because it mentions mobile phones and cellular phones does not mean it has to do with wireless communications. there are a ton of applications listed there and 2 (from my count) could hint at wireless
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    Another Tesla fan here. Have y'all seen that movie that was made about him in early 80s, I forget the name? I remember the scenes of his wireless experiments well, and also that sad last scene of him alone in the tiny New York apartment where he died. Good to see he has fans here!

    I got to this thread to finally learn the truth about Gigawire, but no such luck. Will it be wire, fiber, or air? Who knows, but I recall Apple dissing the wired nature of Firewire about a year ago in their own article about a young filmmaker, like how bad it is to trip on a wire and see the cam flying. I sure hope Gigawire is a misnomer for a wireless new technology. Firewire just isn't sexy anymore, I don't care how many bytes it can take.
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    I doubt it will be wireless, because it has the word "Wire" in the name.
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    "wireless" also has wire in it... but means without wire!

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    gigawire sounds an awful lot like bluetooth to me...

    kinda like sony's is to firewire

    gigawire could be to bluetooth?
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    Okay, so I'm getting excited by this Gigawire. In <a href=""; target="_blank">Apple's FireWire to Go Wireless at 5 GHz</a>, Gigawire is surmised to be a collaboration of the 1394b Wireless Working Group with the 802.11e Wireless LAN Task Group. Cool... fast wireless FireWire.

    (see also <a href=""; target="_blank">this</a>)

    Okay, now my brain kinda wanders and latches upon <a href=""; target="_blank">MPEG-4</a>. What especially attracted my attention in the article was: [quote]MPEG-4's theoretical sweet spot goes all the way from extremely low bandwidth mobile devices all the way up to HDTV.<hr></blockquote> Which seemed to mesh quite well with the trademark description for Gigawire. Although the name 'Gigawire' sounds more like it'd be for hardware, and not some protocol. But we all know that QuickTime is MPEG-4's file format. Hmmm...

    More wandering... I'd love to jump on the HDTV bandwagon, but don't want to get a new set. Just like USB, I can see Apple jump-starting the market for HDTV by somehow enabling its users to tap into this medium. (Why not put those beautiful, almost-letterbox displays to use?)

    If anyone can bring me back to earth, please do.

    [Edit: how embarrassing, I was quoting the article mentioned in the first post!! I was wondering where I had seen that... mea culpa].

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