iPod shuffle and album art problems...

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I stuck some album art on some songs yesterday and discovered a small bug with my iPod shuffle. For some reason, when I play these songs now it will give me a very short sound before the songs.

The file I put in was originally a PDF, but I exported it as a JPEG and dumped it into iTunes. It plays fines in iTunes, and shows up ok, but my iPod it gives me this annoying sound. It doesn't happen with any other artwork I have, just this one. Strange.

I tried dragging it to the desktop from iTunes to export it, deleting it from the song, and then re-importing it, but this had no effect. What gives?!

I am off to submit a bug report to Apple, anyone else seen anything similar?


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    xoolxool Posts: 2,460member
    We have an iPod shuffle on the way and my iTunes is crammed with album art. I'll report what I find when the damn thing finally arrives.
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