Apple Web Development Tool: I Hate Dreamweaver

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I sure wish Apple (or some developer) would create a Cocoa based Web developer tool. I really can't stand Dreamweaver, GoLive or NVU for that matter. All have unintuitive UI and workflow. If Apple did such a product and applied the lessons learned from iWork and iLife or Pro Apps, it would have a hot on its hands.

Anyone else frustrated with shitty UI of Macromedia and Adobe products? Apple does it far better.


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    You can always use BBEdit though. It doesn't do much for you (You have to code yourself), but It's a really good application for web development, or any programming for that matter. .

    I use it for programming at Uni, and for my website.

    If you by any chance are doing Java programming and JavaServer Pages, have a look at Intelli J IDEA which is an awesome tool for developing and maintaining Java code both for applications and for the web (it does HTML too, but it really shines at Java programming).

    They both come with a price tag, but you can try out both apps for 30 days and see if you like them. I generally use BBEdit for my private projects and IDEA for work-related projects.

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    kedakeda Posts: 722member
    MacroMedia sucks ass! I use DW at work and can't stand it. It is one of the most unresponsive apps I have. Besides, the PC version is SO much better. Not only is it more responsive, but it lets you use tabs at the bottom of the window.

    When MM bought ColdFusion a few years back, I was hopeful that we would see OSX development tools. Instead, it seems that MM is throwing their weight behind PC apps and giving OSX minimal support.

    Flash is in the same boat. Why can't companies truly support the Mac? Is it that hard? I know many Mac users who have continuously shelled out $$ to MM over the years, myself included. Why are the PC version of their apps so much better? IMO, it seems that the PC apps are improving at a quicker pace then their Mac counterparts.
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    toweltowel Posts: 1,479member
    If you write HTML yourself, try BareBone's TextWrangler, or SubEthaEdit. Both are free for non-commercial use, and are excellent text editors. I do all my coding in SubEthaEdit, and use Safari to preview my work. And, of course, Google for reference.

    If you need a WYSIWYG tool, though, have you tried Freeway Express? It's not free, but it's a nice WYSIWYG program that many folks find much more approachable than Dreamweaver.
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    skEdit is my new weapon of choice - what can I say about this $20 app apart from its great and you should try (the actual version is much better to use than the trial version for some weird reason).

    my work flow is pretty much: skEdit, firefox with webdevelopers bar, xScope and either cuberduck (at home) or Transmit (at work).
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