ATI Radeon Mobility 7500 shipping to OEMs, NV17 mobile GPU from nVidia

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I read that the new Radeon Mobility 7500 has begun to ship, so I think this is something we should take notice of. If the PBG4 is update at MWSF or MWTY this chip could be a candidate. I would love to see this chip as it blows any other mobile chip away and consumes very little power. It's a perfect fit for something like the PBG4, or even iBook. This thing smokes the original Radeon and the GeForce2 GO!

Enter nVidia. There was a lot of talk that the PBG4s were going to be equipped with nVidia's GeForce2 GO, but that did not pan out and Apple went with the Radeon. Now there is news about a new mobile offering referred to as NV17. The NV17 is supposed to be a lot better than the GeForce2 Go and the initial previews/tests look pretty good on this thing. I'm not sure how close the NV17 is to shipping in laptops.

So what is it? Radeon Mobility 7500 or NV17?

The future of laptop gaming just got a whole lot brighter.


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    Supposedly NV17 will bring GeForce3 levels of performance to laptops. Some rumors I've read put the 3D intensive frame rates for the NV17 in the 90-100 fps range! That's fast! However, if you look at ATI's web page they also have the Mobility FireGL 7800 announced. It looks like a 7500 with better OpenGL support and a few tweaks for 3D modelling/rendering type apps. Apple ought to look into offering either of these two units with 32MB of RAM. The extra RAM would really help with dual display use. The 7800 would be a real boon for graphics pros, these are afterall, the professionals choice in laptops, no?
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    Or not.

    Apple could use NVidia's Quadro2 Go if they cared about the small niche of 3D artists.

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    ...they could and they should. Maya is coming to the platform. A G5 tower will probably be the platform of choice (at least in the mac world) I think they'd only port it if they new some serious hardware was in the pipe. But you know, a decent Apollo chip (hopefully with a die shrink) could put the Ti in Ghz territory by mid 2002, and with a strong pro graphics solution it'd probably make as good a portable MAYA solution as one is likely to find. More people are likely to buy a PowerBook with work in mind than with thoughts of Quake fps rates.
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    i'd love to see any of these in a powerbook, but do you really expect apple to use one?

    i'm not sure....i'm leaning towards no, not atleast till next took apple a while to change the old GPU.....i see apple staying with the current GPU for the next revision atleast

    though i hope i'm wrong
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    I don't expect it either, but...

    When apple used the old rage128, you could make the argument that it was still the best mobile solution. Radeon and Geforce2go had been anounced but weren't shipping yet. It was probably too late to do for the TiBook launch. People were waiting for a G4 'Book, so Apple had to make a decision. Same thing when they chose Radeon, it was that or GeForce2go. 7500 is only now shipping, and NV17 isn't quite official yet. All-in-all, I guess they aren't doing too badly on the mobile graphics front. But for the PowerBook, I think they ought to seriously consider a pro mobile chip. OpenGL would greatly benefit, and pro apps would see a much better boost than they do with what is essentially gaming hardware shrunk down for laptop use (all nVidia and ATI mobile products including NV17 and 7500)

    At the least Apple should supply 32MB of RAM. The advantage of ATI's 7500 and 7800 is that they support 128bit DDR memory -- nVidia's quadro only supports 64bit DDR or 128bit SDR -- so ATI can have a lot more bandwidth than competing cards. For the cost of a little more memory and a slightly pricier chip, Apple could have a not only a desktop replacement, but a workstation replacement!
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