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Douwe Egberts Medium Roast

It's rich with subtle overtones, a deep fullness, but not acidic.

What's your favorite?


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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    Fair Trade.
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    scottscott Posts: 7,431member
    I only drink unfairly traded coffee.
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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    By choice?
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    As far as stuff that's easy to come by, the Starbucks "Sumatra" blend works very well in Turkish coffee, which is the only kind I drink when I'm actually making it myself.
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    hardeeharharhardeeharhar Posts: 4,841member
    -c -o -f -f -e -e +t +e +a

    of the earl gray variety...
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member

    Originally posted by ShawnJ

    Fair Trade.

    Fair trade coffee tastes bad every time I try it.

    I'm not sure if I agree with fair trade coffee, anyway. What does that mean? It sounds like they picked a few select farmers, and then paid them many times the going rate for coffee. How do they select the growers? The old boy network would set in pretty fast - it would be kind of like the unions in the US, all the good jobs handed around to your friends.

    Anyway - back to coffee. My favorite is organic Hawaiian Kona, but at $25/lb, I don't buy it often. Kona you have to be carful about, and only mail order it from the farms over the internet, because most Kona is only 5% blended with 95% some other kind. Mexican coffee is my second favorite - it is nice and rich, without the bitter taste and without the "Columbian Wine" taste.

    I have a Bunn G2 burr grinder and a pour-over commercial brewer - some day I hope to get a roaster from

    I don't really like African or South American coffee.

    Good coffee book: "The Devil's Cup".
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    objra10objra10 Posts: 679member
    Well, as far as special blend, hard to come by, we drink Jamaica Blue Mountain a lot, and I ordered 1/4lb of Kopi Luwak for about $94USD and am waiting to see what that tastes like!

    in case you're wondering, Kopi Luwak (commonly known as Civet Poop Coffee) is described here
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I just got back from Costa Rica and man, you could not find a bad cup of coffee there. I really dislike home coffee makers and usually just get a cup from my corner deli which is always fresh and more than serviceable. My mother in law got me one of those Senseo coffee makers with the pods for xmas and I actually like it. Its convenient and not too bad. Now if we're talking tea it has to be Lyons. Hand me a cup of Lipton and I'll hand it back.
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    progmacprogmac Posts: 1,850member
    my god, did someone really pay $94 for a 1/4 lb of coffee?! i can absolutely not relate to that. i drink cafe bravo. it is turkish-style (not much else to be found here) and costs about 50 cents for a quarter kilo.
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    I like the espresso roast or French Roast at Whole Paycheck... usually roasted fresh that day (sometimes the beans are still warm). I have a cheapie Braun burr grinder, and usually make a French Press. If I have to use the coffee maker (no time) it has a metal mesh (gold) filter, paper filters are what cofffee maker coffee suck. As a student all this is still way cheaper tahn buying coffee every morning, especially since I've had the equipment for years.
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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member

    Originally posted by e1618978

    Good coffee book: "The Devil's Cup".

    I just finished reading this book. Not bad, but more of a travel essay (which I didn't mind). Anyone else read any well written books on coffee? I'm about to start "Coffee: The Epic of a Commodity".

    I'm a fan of Cuban coffee myself. Not really coffee, but espresso with lots of sugar whipped into it.
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    celcocelco Posts: 211member
    Ah my daily grind ... Have to say illy espresso pure aribica beans all net baby

    also dont mind Lavitizza from my hot Barista Jenny.... Now there's a real reason to get a latte from my local cafe...
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    I either home roast or buy from Kona Purple Mountain, home roasting is actually pretty easy and the KPM is roasted in small batches and is just as fresh as home roasted.
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    Im not really into any coffee except-

    Panamanian/other nation Timor

    (Timor=t3h shiznit)

    and... mochafrapachino=good.

    But Timor.. if this were Foodstuffs the RPG, Timor would be the godly item.
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    plus some Lavazza (Super Crema packed good and tight!)

    Mmmmmmm may never sleep.
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    e1618978e1618978 Posts: 6,075member
    Hay - I went out and tried the Equal Exchange coffee again, and I want to change my opinion. It tastes just as good as evil coffee.

    When I tried it before, I didn't yet know that mexican coffee was my favorite - equal exchange mexican coffee is also excellent. Organic, shade grown, high altitude, full city fresh roasted mexican coffee...
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    Tim Hortons. Double cream, no sugar.

    At home, whatever is cheap and plentiful.
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