OS 9 on iBook G3 900

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I want to totally purge the machine of os x and only use os 9. I tried this once before and failed because the machine wouldnt take to the version of os 9. I lost the copy that came with the computer, but I thought that might only run in emulation mode. Any help wld be appreciated. thx


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    You'll never be able to boot that iBook into just OS9, Apple has stopped all development of OS9, and isn't supporting new hardware, except through the Classic layer.
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    I pretty sure you could get it to boot to OS9

    Try finding your iBooks origanal disks on eBay or summit

    Ive had OS9 running on newer macs so I dont see why it should't work
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Each model has moved past OS9 supported hardware at some point. The iBook G3900 *may* still boot OS9, depending on which revision it is, but I really kind of doubt it... it's been a while since any Mac was able to be booted directly into OS9.
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    jdradenjdraden Posts: 89member
    By the time of the 900MHz G3 iBook, all Apple computers came installed with OS X. I believe you can not boot it directly into OS 9.
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    ringoringo Posts: 329member
    There's a lot of incorrect information in this thread.

    The 900mhz iBook G3, AKA iBook (Early 2003), does boot into Mac OS 9 (they didn't remove support until the next revision). The only caveat is that it requires 9.2.2 or later. It's my guess is that the disc you're using is an earlier version of OS 9.

    Edit: Corrected name. The iBook (32MB VRAM) was the previous revision and had an 800mhz CPU.
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    if you really wanted to do a little extra work, you could back up all your info, find an os 9 install disc, boot from the cd, and initialize the hard drive. you'll completely lose everything on it and you'll have to partition and format the disk and install a fresh copy of the OS, but i think it shouldn't give you any problems that way. its a little extreme, but it works.
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