Practicing Safe Font management

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Good morning all,

As a designer I deal with fonts all the time. You get them from clients, you need them for design. My problem is how do you effectively and safely manage your fonts? what software do you use and do you have any self imposed processes that streamline the process? I have learned that just having all your fonts active totally kills the speed of you computer so I'm asking all of you out there to give me your input.

Fonts? how do you take care of them?



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    If we are talking about more than 50 fonts, then get a font management and repair program such as these two.

    Oh... and don't touch the default fonts: Lucida Grande and Apple Symbols are required by the system. I think Chicago is required by Classic (so don't remove it from there). In general, Font management only really becomes an issue when you start adding massive numbers of fonts to your system, and is really only an issue in two cases:

    You put in bad fonts. These might work, but the system will periodically choke on them (virtually halting the computer for 10-30 seconds). You will get "exhausted range" messages in your system log. If you see this, get a font repair program (see above).

    You use a program that shows you the font name in that font. These programs typically build a list of images to display these fonts, and the building of that list can take a few moments. In extreme cases even the loading/displaying of this list can take a long time.

    PS... 10.4 is rumored to have a Font checker (not repairer), so for most of use (not big font users) this will solve the first problem.
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