No Dong at startup, but computer ok???

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Hey there,

I just had my 1 GHz 17", iMac G4 into an Apple retail store for a neck repair, when I got back home I set up the computer ... everything is fine, but I no longer have the dong sound when I try to start my computer ... I just push the power button and my gray startup screen appears. everything is fine and the computer works, I just don't understand where my dong went! So very sad ... help please ... and yes ... my speakers are plugged in and not muted! Thanks for the help!


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    skenkinskenkin Posts: 28member
    Make sure you haven't muted the sound.
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    johnqjohnq Posts: 2,763member
    I'd try "zapping the PRAM". Reboot your Mac and hold down these 4 keys at the same time:


    also known as:

    (Apple key)+(Alt)+P+R

    ...while it is booting. Should make a *ahem* "Dong".

    (I prefer Bong or Goong)
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    ringoringo Posts: 328member
    Apple refers to is as the "startup chime".
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    Thanks for the help ... zapping the PRAM did the trick! Now I have the full Mac effect back ... all the way down to the "startup chime" ... I appreciate the help.

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