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A shameless plug for my favourite UK indie band 'Suede'

OK its not original Suede, its Brett and Bernard creating a new band "the tears" - a reference to the greatest album EVER DogManStar.


go to the forum, news, exclusive: refugees video.

hopefully the new album will be as good as the classic suede stuff, DogManStar and Suede, and not the crap they did when Bernard left.

Now we need the Stone Roses to reform, and my musical life will be complete.


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    I was thinking of you when I made this thread


    Originally posted by tonton

    Do you really like DMS better than the debut? You'd be pretty much alone there. Not to say DMS isn't a brilliant record. It is. But DMS was widely dissapointing for most who adored the debut.

    perhaps its because I got into Suede after DMS, and then backtracked to the debut "suede". I realise why 'suede' would be more loved than DMS, but I think as a whole, DMS is the better (marginally). 'Pigs''wild ones' 'daddy's speeding' '2of us' 'asphalt world' 'still life' they're all genius of musicianship. of course so are most of the debut album tracks. I just think DMS reached a slightly higher peak of genius than the debut tracks.


    In fact, I think a lot of the post-Butler work was at least as good as DMS, though not as good as the debut. I'd consider Coming Up a much better album by far. And even in their most recent work, there have been flashes of brilliance like "Electricity", "Savoir Faire" and "She's in Fashion" from Head Music, and "Positivity", "Obsessions" and "Beautiful Loser" from A New Morning.

    Butlers solo work was a sheer demonstration of genius, held back by the problem that he cant sing too well. McAlmont and Butler's 2 albums are genius in both respect, Mc Almont definately could sing. Coming up and Head music IMO are OK, obviously Brett's still good, and the songs are OK, but the music is a bit average IMO. Once I heard A new morning, I knew it was pretty much over for them. How can you site positivity as an example of brilliance


    Clearly, though, the worst record was Sci-fi Lullabyes. Was it a collection of B-Sides?

    it is a collection of b-sides. the first disc are Butlers, the second was Oakes. Thats all the demonstration of Butlers superiority over Oakes I need. Have you forgotten 'killing of a flash boy'? It would have been a number 1 A-side in its own right.


    I love Suede, and I can't wait for the Tears' record to come out. I'm sure it'll be better than the crappy bootlegs I've been relegated to listening to in the interim.

    I missed their last concert here in Hong Kong, but I caught them in 2000, I think it was, and I was blown away. If I were in the UK I'd be seeing them every chance I got.

    I'm all set to see them in Portsmouth UK in a few weeks...
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    Originally posted by tonton

    You lucky bastard! See if you can sneak in a MP3 recorder. I'd like to hear how the songs are developing. You do have the 2 bootlegs I mentioned, right? Are you aware of any more out there?

    no, i didn't know there were bootlegs, I dont frequent P2P.

    I sure as hell am not going to get evicted trying to sneak an Mp3 recorder in there, but now you mention it I do have a very small 1GB cigarette-lighter size recorder I could easily fit into a bodily orifice. It would probably sound like shit though.
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    hey, I was just thinking, do you like 'the rasmus', that's the only similar style of music album I've bought in years. (after Muses first 2 albums)

    oh yeah, the scissor sisters "filthy gorgeous" hahaha
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    actually I havn't consciously heard any music of most of those bands, although I have heard of them all, and I know they are getting good reviews!

    I seem to be stuck in 95! I keep listening to the 'new' music stations, but most of it seems just OK, but not something I can really get into enough to get fanatical about it.

    Im sure it exists, but I don't hear the musical creativity and genius of musicianship that I hear in Butler and Squire, what I am hearing is on the surface copycat stuff, but it doesn't have the depth that Suede or Roses made, in that I can listen to DMS 10 years after it came out and still hear new things, and marvel at the way the whole band was so great. Just listening to the bass line during the last 5 minutes of solo in the Asphalt World - its a song into itself, and then when you add in all the overlayed guitars and drums - and then Brett starts singing over the whole lot at the end, and the thing still works and is a musical masterpiece, without turning into a guitarists wank-fest.

    Has any band since matched this?
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    Originally posted by tonton

    See, the thing is, I listen more for the songs, really, rather than for the musicianship. I think you and I differ in that regard. You must be a guitarist yourself. I'm not (I bought a bass three years ago but haven't gotten around to learning how to play). The other thing that I really ignore, though I'm not proud of it, is lyrics.

    I know that when great songrwriting meets great musicianship, it's magic. But even great songwriting and melody writing, with a good sound, even without necissarily great musicianship, can be great stuff. I don't think Franz have the best musical skills, for instance, but they are absolutely brilliant because they are completely original and catchy. Likewise with Keane. There's not one losing track on the record, and I don't let the fact that it's simple pop reduce my ability to enjoy it thoroughly.

    I think you'd be right, I listen more for the musicianship as much as the song. I appreciate bands like Keane, and Franz write good songs, I quite like Franz actually, but I just find them, Keane especially, and bands like coldplay, just very boring after a few listens.

    I just think that Butler and Anderson in the early years, had great songwriting skills and musicianship, that I've yet to hear surpassed by the newer bands. And no lyricist connects with me like Anderson wrote, hehe.

    "dog man star took a suck on a pill, stabbed the cerebelum with a curious quill"....

    "steal me a savage subservient son, get him shacked-up, bloodied up and sucking on a gun"

    It's funny - It doesn't actually describe my life, or even a lifestyle I ascribe to or wish for - I usually find it incredibly funny, sarcastic and phoney. I don't know why.

    Whatever rocks your boat I guess...
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    its like Oasis, they wrote some absolute classic songs, that you have to acknowledge even if you don't like the band. I was never much into Oasis for the very reason that they are just average musicians, but no doubt, 'dont look back in anger' 'wonderwall' are truly magnificent songs regardless.
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    Originally posted by tonton

    I skipped Oasis. I still don't think I missed that much.

    you didn't, but they did write a couple of classic songs, that will still be sung and covered in 50 years time.
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