Epson R1800 or Canon i9950/i9900

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I'm looking into getting a new a3 printer for my illustration work.

I'm considering getting the Epson R1800 or Canon i9950/i9900. Can anyone recommend either printers ?

Epson R1800

+ 44 inch long prints

+ takes thicker paper using flat, rear loader.

+ cartridges are supposed to print for longer

- epson chip system rather than canon optical level sensing

- colour tends to be more saturated towards magenta

- printhead has to be replaced by epson

Canon i9950/i9900

+ really good quality from my s9000 (at first)

+ printhead can be replaced

+ optical cartridge level detector

- only prints 52cm long

- cartridges don't last long




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    objra10objra10 Posts: 679member
    purchasing advice goes in Insider Lounge
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    Originally posted by OBJRA10

    purchasing advice goes in Insider Lounge

    ok -- can you move it ?
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    I was looking at this thread and then saw this review which seemed pretty interesting. epson
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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,392member
    Can't go wrong with either printer.

    I wonder if the R1800 will have continuous re-inker options. The cartridges look a little small.
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    I can't say much about Epson - I haven't unpacked the one I have yet.

    But My i9900 - Totally Killer Images - Could not be Happier. And it does it almost silently and so smoothly.

    My other favorite is mapping software - I have the best looking maps on hand in the truck at all times.

    My HP on the other shelf still has it's job - he gets the mudane tasks - although it's like going to a farm show to watch thrashing machines. It's the older Deskjet 870Cxi Professional Series - at least that's what it says. I'll guess 4yrs old.
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