Microsoft starts to show off "The Prized Cow"

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Well, with the release of Tiger imminent, it seems MS is starting to show off Longhorn.


Allchin said his priority is making sure Longhorn meets quality standards, followed by getting the product out on schedule. Packing it full of features is a third priority, and the one most likely to give. As a result, Microsoft would delay Longhorn over quality concerns, but is unlikely to let individual features hold up its release. That could mean some further trimming around the edges if things fall behind.

Well, Spotlight and Smart folders seem to have found their way into Longhorn, security seems to be a priority - unlike the development of XP.

Longhorn does seem to have some "killer" features that Tiger *doesn't have:


But while the OS bears plenty of similarities to Tiger, Allchin stressed that Microsoft has broken new ground in Longhorn. For example, document icons are no longer a hint of the type of file, but rather a small picture of the file itself. The icon for a Word document, for example, is a tiny iteration of the first page of the file. Folders, too, show glimpses of what's inside. Such images can be rather small, but they offer a visual cue that aids in the searching process, Allchin said.

Yes, innovation never sleeps at MS.


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Wow, mini images of it's big self, can I get the icons in wheat or taup?
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    zozo Posts: 3,117member
    my god... joe consumer is going to go ballistic with mini icons. Unless you have a small preview PLUS an icon "badge" of the app that "owns" it or will open it by default. Otherwise, I can already see people going nuts, opening dozens of different icons trying to get the right one.

    A cool thing would be to have a large "preview" if you roll over it. That would be slick.

    Apple should do that. Or someone shoul make some shareware that enables that.
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    gene cleangene clean Posts: 3,481member
    That thing has been in KDE since at least 3.2. And that's been years ago. I can't believe he chose to show that one of as 'feature'.
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    Actually, if we melt their cow down, God will still forgive us and take us out of the desert.
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    so for every word file i have, the icon will be a little white square with some black lines if im lucky. WOW!!


    Folders, too, show glimpses of what's inside

    thats not really a new feture now is it (think thumbnail views in xp)

    Its the whole ipod andd copycat situation again, this time just with microsoft and the os.

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