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Are there even books on Steve available in Apple Stores to begin with? Like if this book was on the shelves in Apple Stores would it be the only book?


It would be my guess that this had nothing to do with Apple as a company but more with Steve personally.

Except for MacWorld, WWDC, and Paris and the occasional press release he certainly likes to stay in the background. That tells me with the exception of those events he's a pretty private guy. He probably doesn't want himself and some book that may not even be entirely accurate about himself being the center of attention for any amount of time in Apple's retail segment. Apple Retail is about the products not the people behind them.

If you're Steve and you have books about yourself on the shelves of your retail stores...you get people asking the sales reps about you which could translate into more attention from the press. Ever read "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs"? His history in how he deals with the press is sketchy and inconsistant. So IF it was Apple as a company deciding to protest this book it was probably to keep big bad Steve out of interviews with say any of the Fox News guys.. Can ya picture Steve a outright democrat with a temper being interviewed by Bill O'rielly with Fox? It'd be a disaster.


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    sure, out of plain common sense Apple Stores don't have to sell any books on Steve Jobs... but pulling Mac Os X for dummies, or whatever Wiley books, is just silly.
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    couldn't this just go in the other thread?
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